Twist of Fate 8 July 2020 Update

Twist of Fate 8 July 2020 Update

Twist of Fate 8 July 2020 Update starts as Bulbul gets ready in a beautiful dress for her roka. Purab enters room.

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Bulbul thinks it is Pragya and asks to help her wear jewelry. Purab helps her dorn jewelry and touches her romantically.

Bulbul turns back and sees Purab there. Purab asks her to give his gift. She asks what gift. He tries to French kiss her. Pragya enters room. They both get shy seeing her. Pragya asks Bulbul if she sent Purbi out to be with Purab. Bulbul says no. Purab walks out embarrassed. Bulbul says she knows how to convince him.

Abhi sees Aaliya coming after getting ready. He says daadi that he is happy seeing Aaliya smiling again. He hugs her and thanks for accepting Bulbul and Purab’s marriage. He invites Tanu for the poolside party.

Purab and Bulbul’s roka start with everyone performing rituals and blessing them. Purab’s cousin and aunt congratulate Abhi and ask how did this miracle happen. Purab says it is all because of Abhi who convinced Aaliya and got this marriage fixed. Bulbul who hears that thinks Abhi gave her happiness of her life and she should also give him a gift with which he will get happy.

Tanu reaches poolside and and searches for Abhi. Bulbul asks all guests to pay attention and starts praising Abhi that she is marrying Purab because of him and he behaved like a rockstar, etc. She says her life’s biggest wish is to dance with her rockstar and requests Abhi to dance with her. Abhi agrees. Pragya stops Bulbul. Bulbul asks if she is jealous. Pragya says no, but she is worried that Purab would get jealous. Bulbul says it will increase their love.

Bulbul dances with Abhi on Chori badi drama queen hai….song…. Purab gets jealous. Abhi asks Bulbul not to make Purab much jealous that he gets angry. She says she just wants to enjoy dance with him now and continues dancing. Everyone claps for them.

Purab gives letter to waiter and asks him to give it to Bulbul. Tanu sees that and takes letter from waiter and reads it that Purab wants Bulbul to meet near poolside in 15 minutes and give his requested kiss. She shows it to Aaliya and says she knows she still loves Purab and should not let this chance to harm Bulbul. Aaliya says she has moved on in life and is happy about Purab and Bulbul’s marriage. Tanu says she is her friend, so she is concerned about her and says she will see what she will do after 15 minutes.

Bulbul waits for Purab at a poolside. Purab gets busy with guests, he realizes it is more than 15 minutes and tries to walk out, but guest holds him back. Bulbul gets angry waiting for Purab. She sees something falling in swimming pool and goes near it to check. Someone pushes her in swimming pool.

Purab’s friend says Daadi that is he angry on Purab that he did not inform him about marriage. Daadi says it happened in a hurry. Purab tries to walk out thinking about Bulbul, but his friend holds him. He informs Pragya that Bulbul is waiting near poolside. Pragya goes near poolside and sees Bulbul drowing in swimming pool. She calls for help, but nobody is around. She takes floating tube and jumps in water. She gives tube to Bulbul, but tube flows far away.

Aaliya sees Tanu nervous and asking if she did anything. Tanu says it is none of her business and leaves. Pragya tries to rescue Bulbul from swimming by giving her a tube and drowns herself. Abhim comes there thinking of meeting Tanu and romancing her. He sees Pragya drowning and asks if she is acting. Pragya repeats Bulbul’s name. He asks if both sisters are playing in swimming. She says she is drowning. He realizing she is indeed and jumps to rescue her.

She asks him to save Bulbul first and asks what he would have done if Aaliya was drowning. He asks if she is emotionally blackmailing him. She says yes. He says he is flattered and rescues Bulbul to the shore. He gets back and rescues Pragya. Pragya says her spectacles is missing. He jumps in pool again and finds it under pool’s bottom and returns it to her.

Purab comes there and gets worried for Bulbul, he asks why did she jump in pool when she does not know swimming. She says someone pushed her. Abhi says he will punish the culprit, but she should keep quiet as guests will get panicked. Purab goes and asks waiter who went near pool. He says Tanu. He starts searching her.

Tanu meets Aaliya in her room and asks if she pushed Bulbul into pool and stop her drama. Aaliya says she did not and not to blame her.

Pragya sees Purab searching someone and asks him about it. He says Tanu who pushed Bulbul into pool. She asks if he saw her pushing. He says he saw her going near pool. She asks him to go and be with Bulbul.

Tanu insists Aaliya to tell the truth. Aaliya says she did not push Bulbul. Tanu asks her to come near her and see Bulbul and Purab kissing. Aaliya says she cannot. Tanu asks what problem she has when she has accepted their relationship. Aaliya says she has problem and says will drown Bulbul in pool until she dies and cannot see her with Purab.

Tanu asks if she was acting all the while. She says yes and says she hid her emotions with difficulty and will never let Purab and Bulbul unite. Tanu hugs her and says she is glad that she has not changed and says let us celebrate. Pragya comes in search of Tanu and asks waiter if he saw her. He says she went in the next room. Twist of Fate 8 July 2020 Update

Abhi’s daadi tells Sarla and Pragya’s daadi with Bulbul’s roka finished peacefully, she will also be married. Pragya’s daadi jokes that Sarla will be behind her now. Daadi laughs. Sarla thanks Daadi for arranging roka lavishly. Daadi says it was her duty and she is happy that Abhi fulfilled his duty as a brother.

Aaliya says Tanu that if Bulbul would have met with an accident, she and Purab would have been even more closer, so she saved Bulbul. She says if she suicides, Abhi will hate Pragya and Bulbul, but he started loving them and ignoring her instead, so she planned instead of being an enemy, she can get her plan executed acting as a friend, she will use Pragya in her favor and separate Bulbul and Pragya and also make Abhi hate Pragya.

Twist of Fate 8 July 2020 Update ends as She says she just wanted to frighten Bulbul and make her think who wants to kill her and who pushed her in swimming. Pragya comes there and they both get tensed seeing them.