Lies of the Heart 2 August 2020 Sunday Update

Lies of the Heart 2 August 2020 Sunday Update
Lies of the Heart 2 August 2020 Sunday Update Zee World

Lies of the Heart 2 August 2020 Sunday Update starts when Ishaan is shocked at samrat’s proposal, and asks what he wants. Samrat shoves him away, saying that he doesnt have guts, and hence he isnt able to save shaurya.

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Ishaan tries to coax him into rethinking. samrat taunts him that he had done a favour by thinking about rethinking, but ishaan isnt willing to make any small sacrifices, as little as slapping urmi. He asks him what he wants, his love for urmi or shaurya. He asks ishaan to do it now or never. ishaan helplessly, eyes urmi serving breakfast, and asks samrat if he shall agree to sire a child with urmi, if he slaps urmi.

Samrat happily and eagerly says that he shall, and asks ishaan to slap her tight and hard, as the minute he does so, he shall say yes.

As ishaan goes down distraughtedly, samrat evilly thinks that now he shall enjoy the wonderful scene of the hero of the house hitting the heroine. Ishaan descends down the stairs, and eyes the entire family busy in their stuff, distraught and apalled as to how he shall do what needs to be done. samrat signals him to hurry up. damini asks him to sit for breakfast. As ishaan sits at the breakfast table.

Samrat signals him from the balcony, to go on and hit urmi, with a smack on th face, while she is obliviously serving food to all family members, unaware of samrat’s vicious gameplan. Ishaan is distraught as he is in a moral dilemma. Urmi is about to take milk for shaurya, when ishaan demands for coffee. She says that she would just give shaurya milk and then make it for him. he angrily szays that he needs it right now. urmi is surprised but complies nevertheless. damini asks him if everything is okay. He says all is well.

Urmi comes back with coffee, while he keepes getting restless. He pulls out his leg to trip urmi, but just when urmi arrives, he pulls it back. samrat thinks frustratedly that he wont be able to have the guts to do it. he signals ishaan that now there’s no chance of shaurya being saved. this irks ishaan, and he throws the cup on the floor, shocking everyone. he asks what kind of coffee this is, and if this is how coffee is made.

Urmi comes and asks if the coffee isnt good. he says that its disgusting. She says that she made it just the way he likes. He slaos her tight across the face. He asks if he is lying. She is taken aback, while all are shocked. Damini and anirudh ask what nonsense this is, and if he is out of his senses. urmi is in tears, while ishaan is apalled and distraught himself. samrfat enjoys it thoroughly. Urmi runs away from there, while ishaan is apalled.

Damini asks him if he is alright, as it was a very lowly thing to do. he angrily asks her not to interfere as its his personal matter and she neednt interfere. He rushes straight up. He goes to find urmi, who is distraught and apalled. He goes to apologise to urmi, saying that he had no other choice. She is in uncontrollable tears. He tells that he did this for shaurya, and begs for an apology yet again.

Samrat comes in asking her to forgive him, as this is his first win, and he had to do it for shaurya. Samrat continues to taunt him, of his undying love for urmi and shaurya, as he loves samrat’s son more than samrat himself. ishaan is composed, and reminds samrat of the promise, asking him to do what needs to be done. urmi and ishaan are furious from inside, but they dont express it on face, lest samrat changes his mind. he then tells urmi and clarifies, what their deal was.

Urmi is surprised. samrat asks her not to give a shocked and sad look, and eat nice and stay strong, and get ready to become a mother once again, as he has become happy and has decided that he is ready for the big compromise, to save shaurya. They dont understand whether to be happy or sad.

Damini and sandhya are boggled, as to how ishaan could have slapped urmi. sandhya says that this is due to the doctor’s suggested treatment. but damini is unconvinced that she knows ishaan isnt like this, and cant hit urmi at all. sandhya says that thios maybe because urmi gave samrat coffee over ishaan the other day but damini doesnt believe so. Later, she goes to samrat’s room.

Samrat then tells damini how he got the revenge from urmi, and she is surprised to hear it. She says that she should have understood, as her own son is incapable of doing something so disgusting.

Samrat asks if she is taunting him. She says that ishaan loves urmi so much, that he cant hit her, but had to. He is happy. She asks him if he said yes. He smiles at her aned complies. She is super happy of the commencement of her plan, and he demands for a plan. she happily agrees, thinking that the party shall happen when they both leave. he asks her to sign a stamp paper. she asks why should she do that.

He says that he is doing so, in her knowledge and her consent, and that he needs some proof, so that she might not betray him tomorrow, when tani finds out about this. she signs them. She thinks that he may get as many stamp paperes, but his marriage with tani is doomed. He is happy, that everything is on paper.

Meanwhile, urmi tells saroj of their decision. Saroj asks her to think again before such a huge decision. She says that nothing else matters now. Saroj says that nothing matters more than the fact that ishaan stands by her, in such a decision of her life, and wonders how can she ever repay back the debt. She says thats not possible.

Urmi says that she has a complaint, as to why ishaan didnt come earlier, as if that had happened,. she wouldnt have seen her life in ruins. saroj says that god would set everything right. they both ask each other to take care. She then turns around to face ishaan. he says that he is fortunate to have her, as he owes her, for whoever and whatever he is, and that she is very nice, and he loves her. They hug each other.

Samrat coems in just then, and gets frustrated and asks whats happening around. he expresses his displeasure, and says that they shall come right to the point. he sits down and asks him to close the door. Ishaan complies. urmi is tensed. samrat then asks them both to come and stand in front of him. they resignedly comply. he says that since he has decided to do this social work, they should get it done with asap, as he is going through much pain due to this, and he shouldnt change his plan.

Samrat says that he is free on Sunday and asks if they can keep the programme for the day after tomorrow. they are tensed but do not respond at his leery gestures. Samrat asks ishaan to book a bful suite in a bful hotel, as he shall have and give his services there only, and also arrange for wine, to facilitate the process. ishaan complies. Samrat says that there’s one more thing, and then notices that ishaan holds her hand for comforting her through this painful torment, and frustratedly asks them to let go of each other’s hands, taunting them of all this. They comply.

He says that till that day, they should stay away from each other, as then he shall get the plasure. they both are tensed. urmi turns away with disgust. Samrat asks ishaan if he understood, that he wants urmi untouched, for the effect. samrat leaves hastily. urmi and ishaan are apalled.

Samrat comes to Tani with noodles. He says he made it for her and feeds her. He then tells her he has to go somewhere for a night. She asks where. He says there is a puja which he kept for their and family’s happiness. Tani says that’s great idea and wants to go along, but Samrat says only 2 people can do that puja. Tani asks whose 2nd one. He says one him and other priest. Tani is convinced and gives him permission.

Damini tells Alok’s wife that Samrat is convinced. Alok’s wife says after that Urmi will be out of this house for ever. Damini says, not just Urmi, but also Samrat. Alok’s wife praises Damini and suggests her not to tell anything to Anirudh yet because if Tani finds out then it won’t be good. Damini agrees.

All are at breakfast table. Anirudh is not there yet. Tani tells everyone about Samrat planning a puja for the family. Damini and Alok’s wife understand what Samrat is upto. Alok’s wife teases Samrat telling him to take Tani along. Damini shuts her and tells Samrat to go. He thinks so much for the family.

Anirudh joins them. He asks Ishaan whether he’s going to leading lawyers meetup party. Ishaan doesn’t want to go as all come with their wives and Urmi can’t go in this condition and he is not feeling like either. Urmi says to Anirudh that they will go.

Urmi’s dad meets Ishaan and praises him for doing all this for Urmi. Ishaan says he loves Urmi and shaurya, so he married for his happiness only. Urmi’s dad still says, no man can make sacrifices that Ishaan is doing and he ranks him above the God.

Urmi and Ishaan come to the party. He thanks her for bringing him there and says she’s looking very pretty. He asks what about him. She says he always looks good. A lawyer, Hemant, comes to them and talks rudely that he has to struggle because of Ishaan. He never lets him win. Ishaan excuses himself and takes Urmi with him. Urmi asks why he was talking so rude. Ishaan says he’s just jealous and takes Urmi to other guests.

The guests praise Ishaan for being such a good lawyer at young age. Later, Urmi tells him she is proud that she is his wife. She says I love you to him and hugs him. Ishaan says they should celebrate this moment. He brings drinks for them. Just then Shaurya’s doctor comes to them. Ishaan asks him what he’s doing in lawyers party. Doctor says his son is lawyer, he came with him.

Doctor asks about Shaurya and whether they are planning another kid. Ishaan says very soon, they will have another kid. Hemant comes there. Doctor introduces him as his son. Ishaan takes Urmi and walk away. Doctor tells Urmi and Ishaan’s situation to Hemant. Ishaan tells Urmi he’s not feeling good here and they should leave.

Lies of the Heart 2 August 2020 Sunday Update ends as Urmi asks sure? He says yes. They are leaving and just then, Hemant stops them saying whole world should know Ishaan’s greatness.