Lies of the Heart 5 August 2020 Update

Lies of the Heart 5 August 2020 Update
Lies of the Heart 5 August 2020 Update Zee World

Lies of the Heart 5 August 2020 Update starts as Urmi is working in kitchen and she notices their servant is sick. She gives her leave. Shashi asks Urmi why she gave leave.. who will do work now.. Servants act like this so they get leaves.

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Urmi tells her she doesn’t need her advice and she’s capable of working. She checked herself and she really had fever. She further says they treat servants like family member and reminds her she’s a guest and she should stay like that.

Samrat gives sweets to Damini saying she’s going to become grandmother and he’s going to become a father. Damini gets shocked. Tani comes. Damini asks her why she didn’t tell her that she’s pregnant. Tani also gets shocked. She asks Samrat what is this. Samrat says he saw a dream in morning and those dreams come true. Samrat enjoys Damini’s tensed face.

Samrat is in gym. The new girl, Kiran, comes there. Samrat avoids her as she had insulted him. To his surprise, she apologises him. Samrat thinks to take advantage and says he will forgive only if she goes for coffee with him. She agrees.

Sandhya is tired of working. She complains to Damini why they had to give leave to servant. Shashi tells them it’s Urmi’s fault. Damini and Sandhya taunt Shashi for sticking there as a guest. Shashi wonders whether they are trying to get all work done by her. Tani comes and says she’s going out with Shashi. She then asks why she didn’t get her juice. Shashi tries to fill her ears against Urmi.

Urmi’s going outside. Tani stops her and asks who will cook in servant’s absence. Urmi says she has cooked everything and she’s going out for work. She looks at Shashi and says she knows her responsibilities well, no one needs to remind her. She tells Damini she will be back as soon as work is done. Damini lets her go.

Samrat and Kiran chitchat in cafe. Samrat starts impressing her and then he finds out she’s married. He gets disappointed, but then Kiran says her husband is very big businessman and he gives no time to her. Samrat also starts acting that his case is also same. His wife got handicapped after a month of their marriage and now she remains in the bed. There are many servants but when he’s at home, only he takes care of her. Kiran says that’s so good. Otherwise, Tani comes to the same place with Shashi. Samrat thinks he already trapped a rich daughter, now it’s turn of rich wife. He continues since doctor told him that his wife is going to die, he’s dying every day as well.

Samrat continues his nonsense to Kiran. Shashi sees him and Samrat gets shocked. Shashi almost takes his name, but stops seeing Samrat dropping spoon and going under the table. Tani looks around, but fails to see Samrat. Samrat gestures Shashi to leave from there. Shashi asks Tani to go from there. Tani asks her why as she just said she is liking that place. She says she wants to leave. Kiran asks Samrat to come out. Tani stops as she hears Samrat. Shashi says she didn’t hear anything and acts of being dizzy. Tani and Shashi leave. Samrat is relieved.

Later, Samrat comes to Shashi and shouts at him. She asks him why he doesn’t leave his habit. If Tani finds out, then they will have to go back to Jhansi. He asks her to mind her own business and tells her that it will be her job to tell him everything that Tani is doing.

Damini calls Tani to her and tells her not to plan kids anytime soon. She asks why when Samrat loves the kids. Damini says after kids, wives get busy with them and husbands lose interest in them. Tani agrees.

Urmi and Ishaan are sleeping. Urmi gets call from Asha late night saying Gaurav is not at home. Urmi wonders where he would go this late. Her and Ishaan come to Gaurav’s house. Asha starts her nonsense about Gaurav doing wrong stuff behind her back. Just then Gaurav enters and he says he wasn’t feeling well, so he went to get medicine.

Samrat is getting ready to go to gym. He sends message to Kiran asking what time she’s coming. He then deletes the message from his phone and praises himself that his name should be Smart. He’s selecting his clothes. Tani comes and right then Kiran’s reply comes. Tani takes the phone. Samrat starts getting worried. He tries to stop her from checking his phone, but she gets serious and asks him to unlock the phone. Samrat got no choice.

Lies of the Heart 5 August 2020 Update ends as Tani gets mad after reading the message and questions Samrat who is Kiran. Samrat starts acting how she can doubt it and tells her it’s a guy. Tani says she’s not that big fool. Samrat says there are many names which both girls and guys have. In end, he manages to fool her.

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