Lies of the Heart 4 September 2020 Update

Lies of the Heart 4 September 2020 Update
Lies of the Heart 4 September 2020 Update Zee World

Lies of the Heart 4 September 2020 Update starts with Diya, urmi and shaurya pleading to the operator to let them atleast see the CCTV footage of that night, to see if they can retrieve anything useful out of it. he complies. when they see the footage, diya distraughtedly recognises the van, as horrific memories of the nightmare come back to her. They see that the van keeps coming back again and again, in the CCTV footage, meaning that the van was circling around this area while they raped diya. They find the van evidence extremely worthwhile, while shaurya is relieved. urmi says that this shall help their case immensely. Diya stands tensed.

The next day, while urmi works on the case, and anirudh sits, damini comes and taunts urmi, that if she finds time, from being a lawyer, an NGo owner and a hotelier, she should pay attention to her household duties as well. urmi is boggled and asks whats the matter as she seemsd to have things at control in the house. Damini asks if she knows what love is brewing right under their noses. Urmi and anirudh are boggled. damini callously points out, that in the bid to get diya justcie, she is fimrly establishing her feet in this house forever, by trapping the innocent shaurya, to permanent her place, as a part of a vicious plan. they are outraged and anirudh asks damini to shut up. urmi says that she must have had some misunderstanding as it isnt possible.

Damini says that diya is a rape victim and shaurya, being a good guy standing by her for her support, and hence this is the best bet for her. They are apalled at damini’s callous portrayal of diya and insensitivity towards diya’s tragic nightmare. damini talks about how diya was wet and dancing with shaurya in the rain, when she is engaged to karan.

Urmi says thsast she knows about it from shaurya, as diya was happy being in the rain, which is good, as she is forgetting her tragedy slowly. Damini takes it otherwise, while anirudh points out that diya is a gangrape survivor and as a woman asks her to try and understand what she must have gone through, and be sensitive towards her, instead of maligning her character like this.

Damini points out that its easy for urmi to say so, since she too wasnt satisfied by one man, and left one to go after the other. urmi is apalled. Anirudh asks her to shut up. But urmi disgustingly talks aloud, that she did bbear with him for seven years, and only when he crossed all limits of atrocities, did she finally decide to leave him. Damini asks who decides the limits, they themslves, as a woman can bear all she wants, and can also stop if she wants. She gives her example that anirudh isnt the best husband but she still compromsies along, and didnt leave him.

Urmi stands up and says that maybe the actual truth is that he is compromising with her and didnt leave her. damini is stunned into silence. she finally speaks up saying that, urmi might be very head strong, but she shouldnt forget what her lmits are, and that she is talking to her mother in law. urmi says that if saying the right thing, is bad manners and arrogance on her past, then so be it. Finally, anirudh speaks up saying that urmi isnt arrogant, but truthful, since its actually, he who is compromising, and not leaving damini, since he couldnt possible, stay with a woman with such a low mentality.

Damini starts smiling and saying that ofcourse that shall be the cas,e because he never finds fault with urmi, as she is always right. Anirudh says that he does find that urmi is always right, as she actually is, and that she can never stoopd down to the low level mentality that damini has. damini agrees that she has a low mentality andd that now she shall wait to see that in the wake of getting diya justice, how much do they plan to forego of their family.

Urmi says that neither diya nor shaurya can be wrong, as she has full faith on her son,his mannerisms and his intentions shall never let him do anything wrong at all. Damini says that they shall see which has more power, her upbringing or samrat’s dirty blood. urmi is distraught. anirudh stands tensed.

While diya combs her hair in the mirror, karan comes out from the bathroom, having freshened up, and leeringly eyes her bareback. he starts with her pretense love, saying that he saw that they were married and living happily, and that he was loving her, and that he is dying to realise the dream. she smiles at him. He hugs her, and then runs his hand through his bare back, trying to take advantage of the pretense love. She jerks him away asking whats she doing. He says that he is just expressing his love, as its his right on her. shaurya passes by and finds him hugging diya. He is tensed. karan asks diya whats the problem. diya insists him not to.

Shaurya calls out to her, and both are startled. He asks diya why isnt she ready yet, as its time for the court. he asks karan to come along, as diya has to get ready. karan stays by her side, saying that she shall come after changing. karan resignedly leaves with shaurya, frustrated at his failure. diya stands awkwardly.

Outside, shaurya barely controls his temper, and asks karan to never take advantage of diya again. Karan asks what if he does. Shaurya says that he shall hit him so hard that he shall never forget and asks him to come along. he fumingly complies.

Chiku passes by and overhears gaurav’s conversation with nupur, asking her to beware, while she apologising for her slip of tongue. She doesnt realise that chiku is here and continues apologising, while gaurav is tensed. He announces chiku’s arrival, and nupur shuts up and leaves. gaurav faces chiku sternly. Chiku asks what secret were they talking, that stopped, the minute he walked in.

Gaurav says that there’s nothing. Chiku asks what relation is going on between the two of them, and whats their deal. gaurav feigns innocence. chiku points out all the contradictory ideas, and then points out that gaurav is being an infidel. gaurav says that it isnt necessary for him to speak. chiku asks if he is embarassed. they scream at each other. Asha comes in asking whats the matter, and chiku walks hastily out in anger. Asha confused goes after him. gaurav wonders how long would he hide, as he cant anymore, that nupur is his wife’s child with her second husband, and he is just taking care of her.

Urmi presents an important evidence in the case, and asks the judge to play the CD. he complies. As the van is seen, urmi pauses, and says that this is the van in which diya was raped, and asks for permission to get diya in the witness box, to determine it. The judge complies. Diya comes. Urmi asks if this is the same van and diya complies. The rapists and their lawyer is tensed. Mr. Nigam trivialises saying that they should indeed catch the van atleast. All smile. urmi says that this isnt a comedy case, and they expect seriousness.

The judge sustains the objection. Nigam apologises. urmi says that this is the place where diya got trapped by the goons. Nigam says that the rapists not the clients. urmi asks him to let her complete. She then points out that the van location matches the GPS location of their phones, which cant be a co-incidence. diya says that it was these three only in the van, and also identifies the youngest as the person who was driving. nigam says that maybe diya lose her senses to think and understand, as his client has never even seen her before.

Mr. Nigam says that they agree that she has been raped, and in that van, which is regrettable, but how can they assume that these were the rapists as there’s no evidence of these three being inside the van raping her. Urmi and diya are tensed. urmi responds that it was them only, and would like to present more witnesses. she says that they went to the RTO to get the details of the registered owner of the van, and calls him in the witness box. Mr. kartik comes. he owes that its his van. he says that he had given it for the past one month, to a garage owner for servicing, and doesnt know about its whereabouts in this month.

Urmi complies and asks him to step down. he complies. urmi says that she would require the garage owner, Sultan to be in the witness box. He complies and takes his place. She asks him to recognise if this is the van. He does, and says that it came in his garage for maintenance. Sultan says that on the fourth of july, it was stolen. She says that the van’s location and their mobile phone locations match which cant just be an eery co-incidence.

The lawyer says that they shall now fight a robbery case of the stolen van too along with the rape case, and maybe the garage owner is the rapist himself, since the van is his. urmi asks him to be sensitive on the issue and then asks him not to mislead the court. he asks Sultan if he got an Fir done, and he says that it did happen. urmi produces the copy of the fir. He still defiantly asks how does this prove that the rapists stole the van. She says that the van was found in the exact location, where these three people’s phones were traced on that day. urmi continues to point out how is this a co-incidence.

Nigam says that he has already stated that the phones of his clients got stolen. urmi asks if its possible that the people stole the phone and then the van too, and took it to the exact place, where these criminals’ phones were last traced. urmi says that this cant be a co-incidence, while he continues to point out to produce solid evidence, and not probable assumptions. he then says that he has an important witness too, and presents one of the rapists’ uncle. the man lies that they were in shirdi, where they had gotten work, with much difficulty, after which they got arrested. he asks urmi to question him if she wants.

She gets up and tells nigam that they dont interrogate bought witnesses. he asks how much did she pay to her witnesses then. He asks her to prove her case then. She asks for two minutes of the court’s time that the rapists were in the city itself on the day of the crime. The judge grants them permission, overruling the lawyer’s objection. urmi turns around and finds shaurya gone. she along with anirudh and diya are tensed, as they dont see shaurya.

Just then, shaurya walks in, apologising for the delay, as he holds up a projectorscreen. he gives the control to urmi, who asks for permission to play the CD. he grants the permission. The CD begins to play, where the three rapists are seen in the area where they stay. urmi and shaurya stand victoriously, while the rapists and the lawyer stand defeated. urmi says that the footage is from the first of july to the 14th when they were in Mumbai only. urmi points out that they had sketches and posters painted of them, on the 12th and they disappeared a day after that. she says that they ran for the fear of being caught.

She says that this is a clear indication that they were lying about being in shirdi when they were here. she asks nigam if he needs any other proof, and that this is sufficient enough for now, to get these man back into remand custody, for their heinous crimes. Nigam objects, saying that the court cant do that, since there’s no evidence yet that his clients are the rapists, and that would be unnecessary torture on them, even though they can assume that they were in mumbai then. She says that she shall prove this too, but for now, on the basis of this footage, they should immediately be taken into non bailable custody.

The judge grants this as they are crime suspects. Anirudh and shaurya along with others clap. urmi stands emotional. diya is relieved. The police asks the rapists to come along, as they spend a long time in jail now. Urmi turns to diya, as they both eye each other emotionally. She hugs her.

Mr. Nigam expresses his doubts about urmi’s sharp witted lawyer skills, against their expectations, and that she is producing evidence that they havent even fathomed, thats slowly tilting the case in her favour, and if urmi goes like this, without being taken care of, then in the wake of the rapists being punished, they also stand the risk of him being exposed, by the rapists themselves, as she already got the judge to reprimand them to non bailable custody.

The sponser hears this quietly and then gets angry and throws and breaks the table, as the glass shatters into pieces. Nigam is tensed. finally, the sponsor is revealed, asking him to shut up, saying that he has never learnt the art of victory, and that he didnt employ him to talk about urmi’s skills, and that he shall win at any cost. Nigam says that urmi is fighting ferociously and he asks why cant nigam fight like that. He says that they can still control urmi somehow, but she has an ace card, and thats karan as the eye witness.

The man asks who is karan, and nigam tells everything about him. The man wants a way out. nigam says there are two ways, one karan takes back his statement, or diya takes back the case. the man shuts hum saying that now miraculously diya shall take back the case and then neither shall be the case, nor will urmi fight. nigam eyes him tensedly.

The next morning, while shaurya is getting late, he hollers at ishaani to come along, as she is getting ready to meet akash for the interview. They are all amused. Ishaani comes dressed in a gown, and all admire, except for shaurya. he asks her if they are going dancing, and then talks about her sense of clothing, while she says that she is looking okay. he says that they arent auditioning for heroine. they all ask him to let be, but he insists her to change. he asks her to hurry up, as she shall wear a jeans top and come rightaway. She hurries back up. urmi asks shaurya to let be, as she is childishly excited.

As they arrive, Shaurya finds ishaani startstruck, by his pics itself, even when she hasnt seen him. she continues to praise him galore, while he tries to point out the truth and fake lives of the actors. Just then, he makes a starry appearance, after having practised some dance moves, and then comes to them. Shaurya identifies himself. Ishaani is completely start struck, and shakes hands with him. shaurya is amused yet irritated.

Anand Kumar is a nice host, and then shaurya begins with his interview. he gets to the stinging questions straightaway saying that he isnt getting yunger and is approaching 35, and yet is paired with heroines aged 20, and asks why the discrepancy. He is tensed but answers casually that he doesnt want to think about this horrific nightmare. He says that for the commercial business, the producers place their money on veterans and successful people like him, and not newbies. Shaurya listens intently. he thanks akash by his first name, and thanks him for the interview. they wrap it up, and after a formal goodbye, shaurya asks ishaani to come along.

She complies. As they begin to go, Anand Kumar asks shaurya that he forgot to ask him, that Diya works in his newspaper? Shaurya and ishaani are tensed. Akash asks him to tell diya that she is brave and inspirational, and that what she is doing needs guts and that akash appreciates it immensely, as what they do in just fake heroism but she is the real life hero. shaurya is highly happy and excited. then he introduces ishaani, as his sister who is gaga over him. she starts blabbering about her immense liking for him.

Lies of the Heart 4 September 2020 Update ends as Akash thanks her, and then enquires about her qualification, and then assures that if they have a vacancy for a designer they would call her up. she thanks him proufsely. They thank him and he takes their leave. She tells him that she had told he is a nice man. He asks her to stop gloating and come along. Akash sees this from the top and eyes amused.

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