This is Fate 16 September 2020 Update

This is Fate 16 September 2020 Update
This is Fate 16 September 2020 Update Zee World

This is Fate 16 September 2020 Update starts as Preeta says to Karan that she is really happy he is getting married as she would be then free to live her own life, Preeta walks away while karan starts to weep, Maira comes asking karan what the matter is, she is left shocked seeing him crying, he leaves her standing.

Prithvi asks Sherlin what she is doing, she explains that she will expose him if he agrees to marry Preeta, Prithvi tries to explain to her that everything is alright but she is not convinced and then warns him that he will be alone if he agrees to marry Preeta, she orders him to refuse to Sarla, he thinks why she is trying to ruin his dreams as he always wanted to marry Preeta but she is trying to ruin his plans.

He is trying to explain the entire situation but she does not understand then says that if he agrees to marry Preeta then she will also come after him, so when Sarla will see her she will have the same feeling that anyone gets when they see a girl coming out of a boys room, he pleads that she calm down and not do anything of the sort because he cannot say no to Sarla rather just explain that he cannot marry Preeta at the present time,Sherlin slaps him

Janki sys to Sarla that she feels someone has been slapped, se wonders who is in the room and is about to go and check but Sarla stops her, Prithvi asks what it was and why she slapped him because he was going to do what she wanted, she says that she ahs come to know that he is in love with Preeta and wants to marry her, Prithvi ttries to make her realize that he only loves her and she is the one who is in her life, Sherlin asks that he refuse to marry Preeta but Prithvi says that he cannot do this because he ahs always pretended to be a nice guy and so has to accept the fact that he cannot marry Preeta.

Sherlin calms down and then they both are hugging, Janki opens the door but is not able to see them oth as Sarla takes her away warning that it is not right to look into someones house, Prithvi comes after them he is thinking what excuse he will make as they would have heard the nise of the slap, he explains that it was his mother who got angry when he asked for her permisiion to marry Preeta that she slapped him, Sherlin is in the room wondering what they are talking off as she is not able to hear anything. She thinks of going out and checking what is happening,

Prithvi explains that she had a lot of dreams regarding his marriage but they were all decimated when the marriage broke, Janki asks if the noise of the slap that they heard was from his mother, Sarla responds by saying that she knows his mother would never agree to get them both married but is it possible that she meets with his mother just a single time. Prithvi is left stunned, then he says that she is really mad at them but if Sarla agrees then he can ask her.

The Luthra’s are having a lot of fun with Ramonica and then she explains that she thought that the person she was marrying was Rajesh Khanna, they all are having a blast, Maira and karan come into the house, they all greet them then Ramonica says that she saw karan when he was really like a child but now he is al; grown up and is about to marry her daughter, karan is left confused, then Rakhi asks him the matter, Maira explains that she went to talk with karan about the dress but he got angry and then she got mad so went to the under construction site and got in an accident but was saved by Karna and Preeta.

The Luthra’s are left shocked hearing Preetas name, Maira thinks that she ahs taken Preetas name on purpose so that Karina can make sure that she never comes into her life, they all start looking at him, he explains that she is the physiotherapist of his team but he only goes to play cricket and has no reason to worry about her.

Ramonica asks off Preeta but Maira takes her inside, Karina explains that she is relieved as Maira took her mother inside, dadi says that she is really happy with karina as she ahs always taken the best decision.

Prithvi takes Sherlin aside then says that she must like his mother because the slap that she gave him resulted in Sarla and Janki becoming suspicious, so they have to lie, then she asks him to make an excuse. She gets a call from her friend who invites her to her party and then when she asks Prithvi, he gets the idea that he will send her and then arrange a party for himself, she goes to the washroom.

Ramonica is left stunned when she comes to know that karan is married, her friend also hears this, Maira mother says that she will make sure that they do not get married but Maira tries to convince her to let them both get married as she is about to marry her first love, She also says that she wants that Zonya attend her wedding as a friend but not like this.

This is Fate 16 September 2020 Update ends as Prithvi comes to Sarla and apologizes that his mother is really mad with him Sarla agrees that they can understand and should leave. Prithvi thinks that it is the time for him to execute his plan of marrying Preeta.

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