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This is Fate 30 September 2020 Update starts as Preeta stops in the hall, she remembers what Karina said about the Mehndi that the one who it gets applied to is the true wife, She si thinking when Shrishti comes asking if she needs any proof which was given to her she explains that they are meant for each other and are husband and wife.

Preeta says that it is not the case as this was all an accident but Shrishti tries to explain that it is a sign from god assuring that she is meant for him,

Preeta is really confused but Shrishti makes her realize that she is the one who is made for karan but it is Maira who has come in between them, Preeta says that if this is the case then she will ask Maira to back out from the wedding, Shrishti is very tensed asking if she still doubts her feelings, Preeta then exclaims that she believes that karan is made for her and is written is her kundali Bhagya.

Preeta explains that god has created both of them for each other and they are each others kundali Bhagya, she then agrees to ask maira to back out from the marriage as it cannot happen. They both rejoice at the decision.

Karan is looking at the Mehndi while Rishab stares at him, so he asks him what is the reason and if he wants to as something, then Kartika comes explaining that they both heard what the ladies were saying and that the bride should be the first one who gets to wear the Mehndi but it was Preeta who got the Mehndi so she should be the one,

Rishab pleads with her to stop as if she continues then he wuld get mad which would spoil Karan’s mood but Karan insists that he is aware of everything, he explains that he knows she is trying to say that he is the one who to be with Preeta but he does not want to hear about anything. Kartika mentions that she has understood each and everything but he answers that it should be the case with Karan.

Maira is with the beautician getting the Mehndi applied when Rakhi asks Karina to also get it applied but she explains that she will get it done once when Maira is completed with it, Karina wonders where Ramona is so Sherlyn explains that she will go and call her, She goes to Shrishti asking where both Preeta and herself were as they were not in the hall, she advises that they both should stop seeing the dream of becoming a member of the Luthra family as it cannot happen, however both of them get into a heated argument which ends with Sherlyn loosing as she has to remain quiet otherwise the truth regarding herself and her child would come out so she remains quiet.

Shrishti goes to sit with Maira explaining that Preeta is waiting for her on the terrace so she should go as Preeta has some important information regarding Karan.

Maira reaches the terrace where Preeta is waiting and pleads that she should not marry Karan, Maria asks what she means and gets angry after that Preeta says that she should not marry him as he is already married and she got married to him, Maria explains that she is saying this after the fact that her mother also tried to warn her that she should stay away from the Luthra family, Maira explains that she will marry him even when she says that he is not a good and honest person, but Maira is adamant that she will marry him.

Preeta shows her the mehndi which got applied to her hands as this would mean that they are still married, Preeta explains that Maira should move on in her life and leave Karan as she can marry someone else, Maria is not interested in anything that Preeta is saying mentioning that she can think about herself and so will marry Karan and the marriage between Preeta and Karan is just a joke.

Preeta gets really angry asking why did she say that her marriage is a joke and she should stop thinking about Karan, Maira gets really angry saying that she is just a passing by girl who is eager to take selfies with Karan, Maira explains that she should stop thinking about anything so tries to leave, Preeta stops her saying that she should see the sign from god, Maira turns and removes the Mehndi in anger but Preeta is really satisfied saying that she cannot remove it as it is a sign from god, Maira mentions that she has also the Mehndi of Karan’s name, but Preeta says that she got it after it was applied on her hands.

Prithvi enters the hall thinking that he came to meet Preeta when Janki said that she could not meet with him, he thinks that he will make everyone pay as he is his biggest fan, he then sees Rishab so wonders what he is doing in the hall when there is no relation with him so he thinks that Rishab should focus on his wife and not come near Preeta, Prithvi is standing when Rishab sees him so asks him to come closer.

Preeta is wondering what she has said to Maira and thinks that she should never has said them all as if anyone hears them then it will create a lot of problems, she turns only to find that Karan is standing behind her, he asks where she has been as he asked her to stay with him as he needs her, she explains that they cannot be together but never replies when karan asks the reason, she thinks by herself that if she comes closer to him then will come to realize the love that they feel for each other.

Prithvi asks what Rishab is doing in the hall and he in retaliation asks the same question due to which they both are left stranded with question, Prithvi answers that he came to meet Preeta but when Rishab is to answer which creates a tensed situation.

Preeta mentions that they cannot stay together and tries to leave but karan stops her asking the reason so she leaves, Karan also walks behind her.

Prithvi explains that Rishab has come for Preeta to which Rishab says that he is an idiotic person who is off no use and he does not even except to see him help, then Sherlin calls Rishab which leaves Prithvi as he did not expected to see her and then he tries to hide , she walks beside him and they bump into each other, Sherlin kneels to pick [ her phone Prithvi seeing the opportunity quickly hugs a leady until Sherlin leaves.

The lady asks who he is as she didnot recognize him, he also says that he does not know her to which she asks the reason he hugged her, he answers that he thought she was her aunt when she was coming but when he saw her she was not her so he apologizes, then he enquires about who the groom is and knowing that the function is of Karan Luthra who is about to get married to maira, then Prithvis mentions that he always liked karan and whenever they played karan would always loose, he then apologizes explaining that they cannot talk too much, so he thinks that he will be the one top get Preeta as karan is marrying someone else and then he will have no problem on their side.

Some goons are standing outside the hall thinking that they will have no problem in robbing the women who are attending the function as then they will get really rich, they plan to enter in disguise with their faces covered, Both Preeta and Karan leave the hall as Preeta is upset with him.

Sherlin is siting with Maria explaining that she will show her the designs which will look really nice on her, Maira is still thinking off what Preeta said to her that no one can separate them both, they are sitting when Rakhi comes with Dadi asking if the Mehndi has dried out, Karina and Ramona are also really happy, Dadi explains that if the Mehndi is darker in shade then the husband loves the wife even more, Maira is shocked hearing this then wonders what Preeta said that the bride was the first one to get the mehndi applied, they think that they should remove the Mehndi.

Karina calls Shrishti asking her to take Maira to the brides room and get the Mehndi cleaned so that they should find out how much both of them will love each other, Sherlin also decides to go with her, Maira says that she thinks Shrishti will do something bad to her so she does not want anything to happen, Sherlin assures that she will make sure everything is alright, Dadi also asks Rakhi to come with her, Ramona asks the reason she sent Shrishti with Maira, Karina explains that she sent her as she wants that they both realize that they are just servants and nothing more. This is Fate 30 September 2020 Update 

Karan is constantly asking Preeta to stop so she finally stops, he asks why is she running away from him as he is the client of their hall so she ahs to be with him, she explains that she cannot as she doesnot understand what he wants, she can not be with him, he says that she was the one who said that he means nothing to her so why is she feeling nervous when he asked her to be near him, she thinks then explains that she will not run away from him and will make sure that he finishes all the traditions that are involved in a wedding.

Maira enters the room with Shrishti, Sherlin asks her to go and get the oil, she leaves after which Maira asks what she thinks as both the Arura sisters are really getting on her nerves, she mentions that Preeta called her saying that she should back out from the wedding as they both are made for each other, Sherlin assures her that everything will be alright and there is nothing to worry about, Shrishti comes after which Sherlin taunts her which causes a heated quarrel amongst them both after which Sherlin leaves the room.

Shrishti asks Maira if she came from the side of the groom or the bride as she is just a guest, Shrishti explains that it is a sign from god as if she will go and tell everyone that both preeta and karan are made for each other then everyone will believe her, Rakhi and Dadi enter asking what they were talking about, Maira says that she was appreciating how good she looks with karan, Dadi explains that she is true, Shrishti explains that Preeta is also her daughter in law which angers Dadi.

Prithvi is looking for preeta when he bumps into Ramona’s they get in a misunderstanding after which he asks her about Preeta, she is shocked as why he asked her to which eh replies that he knows she is the host of the function which is why he asked her as he is really sharp in judging a person that his mother tells her, he again asks her to which she apologizes saying that she cannot help him but there is someone in the function then points towards Sherlin, Prithvi is shocked to see her in the party.

Ramona tells Prithvi someone would surely know about Preeta. Prithvi turns to look Sherlin being pointed by Ramona and wonders what if Sherlin finds him inquiring about Preeta. Ramona brings Sherlin out of a group of ladies and asks about Preeta. Sherlin wonders if this is Prithvi. Prithvi walks straight out of the hall. Suddenly there was an attack of masked robbers in the hall. Rishab tries to prevent the chaos while everyone ran around. Prithvi hides under a table to save his life. One of the robbers hold Rishab on gun point.

Dadi scolds Shrishti for all her reactions. Rakhi tries to calm her down. Shrishti tells them to accept what they deem right. Dadi insists what they are saying is right. Rakhi asks Shrishti to do what they came for and remove Maira’s henna. Shrishti offers them to check the oil and not blame her later on. Dadi checks on the oil. Shrishti wipes the henna through cotton and oil. They notice the henna color was fade. Shrishti says Maira’s henna is extremely dull. Karina had said the faster the color, more love there is between spouses. She leaves the room.

There was a bullet shot in the hall. Preeta and Karan were about to enter and were alert. Shrishti was startled, so were the ladies in the rooms. The robbers snatches and collects mobiles. Karan doesn’t let Preeta enter the hall and drags her outside instead. She panics that there must be some problem inside. Karan says they have guns and there can be anything, he inquires about any alternative entry.

Preeta turns towards a window from kitchen. They confirm there wasn’t anyone. Karan wasn’t ready to let Preeta in, and he would go alone to handle. Karan swears her on his life. He gives her the phone to call him if needed.

Sherlin was hidden under the same table as Prithvi, separated by curtain. The robbers demanded the jewellry from ladies. Rishab spots a phone lying just around Kritika. Kritika reads the signal from Rishab and signals Sameer to pass the phone on. Sameer understands Kritika wants to pass the phone to Rishab. Kritika throws the phone but it falls under the table. Sherlin got the phone and decides to throw it back, what if someone spots her. The phone hits Rishab’s foot. He understands someone helped him. He sits to make a call.

Sherlin regrets throwing the phone, though she could have called police. A robber spots Rishab making the call and grabs him. Another spots Sherlin’s hand and drags her out. Rishab thinks Sherlin threw the phone to help him and was caught, how he can help her. There, Sherlin thinks Rishab must have thrown the phone and got her caught. The robbers’ companions come to the hall saying they cut the CCTV wires and phone connections.

Rishab requests them to spare everyone, there was a Mehndi function going on. The robber laughs that there must be a bride as well. Rishab offers to pay them more money than all the gold, on a condition they don’t hurt anyone. They demand cash. Rishab says he has no cash, he can transfer money in their accounts. The robbers say they aren’t crazy to get caught. Karina comes as Rishab’s savior but was harassed. Rishab and Sameer charge at the gunned men furiously. The robbers finally caught Rishab, tying him with a chair and his mouth tied. One of them demand Sherlin to give up on her jewellry.

This is Fate 30 September 2020 Update ends as Prithvi got a chance to flee from the hall. He finds a place to hide and goes to the groom’s room. Two men come to the corridor. Prithvi hides himself behind a stool and recognizes them as the robbers. They pass by Prithvi leaving a mask on the floor around.

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