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Zara’s Nikah 11 September 2020 Update



Zara's Nikah 11 September 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah 11 September 2020 Update – Kabir Prays Outside Jail for Ruksaar

Zara’s Nikah 11 September 2020 Update starts with Ruksaar saying to priest that if I can marry as a criminal then I have a right to spend night with my husband. Priest says you are married to him, you have right to be with him. Kabir says how can this be possible? she is in jail and I am out, she cant be with me. Priest says I made you both married so I will get approval for her night with you, Kabir you cant deny her.

Ruksaar comes to her room for marriage night. Officer says if you try to run from here then you will be shot. Ruksaar says you are talking about me running when I have been waiting for this night all along, this night is for Ruksaar and Kabir only.Kabir calls Zara, Zara says you were not picking up call, is everything fine? Kabir says yes.. she asks what happened to Ruksaar’s case? Kabir says can you pray for me.. I am going to go through from a most difficult test of my life tonight, can you pray that I pass it?

Zara says my prayers and love are with you, my power of love will make you succeed in every test of life, take care. Kabir says I wanted to hear that only, thenk you. He ends call. Zara is confused.Kabir comes to his decorated room and sees Ruksaar sitting on bed. He looks at her and is tensed.

Zara comes to her room and recalls Kabir’s words. She is worried. Zara gets ready to offer prayers.Kabir sits beside Ruksaar who smiles. Kabir says to Ruksaar that for people, its our marriage night but for us its a way to meet. Ruksaar says but our nikah is real. Kabir says no, I did it to save your life, it means nothing.

Zara prays for Kabir to succeed in his test.Ruksaar says to Kabir that wish you dont make me die slowly, give me best night of my life, its my last night and give me happiness tonight and I will die happily. Kabir says not only this night, but all my nights and days are Zara’s, my life, my love is for Zara only and I cant give you whats Zara’s.Zara lies in bed alone and hugs Kabir’s jacket.

Ruksaar says to Kabir that you married me, I am your wife, Kabir says that doesnt mean I love you, just to save your life. Ruksaar says so this nikah is illegal? Kabir says no, when its about life, it becomes legal, we have less time, stop this rubbish. He sees K and R written with flowers on bed, he removes it and says we have to reopen your case, why did you kill Hamdan? what was the situation that you had to take that step? I have to know it.

Ruksaar says its useless and cries. Kabir says you know why I did all this? to save you and if you are saved then Zeenat will be saved as she is in hospital worrying about you.

Ruksaar cries for Zeenat and says this story started when you and Zara made me marry Hamdan and my life took a turn when he brought me to Dubai, he blamed me that I had an affair with you, he took all my happiness, he used to beat me daily, I used to cry daily, I had no one here, he took my passport, Kabir says what Farhan has to do with all this? Ruksaar says he has nothing to do with case, he is just greedy and wants to take over Hamdan’s business. Kabir gives her water and asks what happened on murder day?

Ruksaar says few days back, I asked Hamdan to take me back to family, he called his family and said we are going to cruise.. he took me to a desert and tried to kill me there. Flashback shows Ruksaar running away from Hamdan in desert, Hamdan grabs her and tries to strangle her, she loses breath, he throws her in dust and starts leaving but Ruksaar wakes up and hits him with a stone, he dies.Flashback ends.

Ruksaar says if I didnt kill him then he would have killed me. Kabir says okay I accept it but why didnt you tell us about it? Ruksaar says I didnt know what to do, I took a shelter at friend’s house and if I called India then police would have traced me, I didnt know where Hamdan kept my passport, nobody helped me, I tried a lot. Kabir says I know why, Farhan made people not help you.

Ruksaar says 15 days back, police found CCTV footage of me and Hamdan in desert and arrested me. Kabir says Farhan did it for himself, Islam says taking a life to save your life is not wrong, dont worry, we will save you.

Zara sees Kabir and Ruksaar on door, she says see who is here, she runs to Kabir and is about to hug him but Ruksaar drops her bag inbetween them and stops their hug.. Kabir asks Ruksaar to get up, he pulls her aside and goes to Zara. Kabir hugs her tightly. Ruksaar is jealous and glares at her. Zara says see Kabir brought Ruksaar. All are happy to see him. Ayesha hugs him. Zeenat comes there with dhol and plays it. Ruksaar smiles at her.

Zara’s Nikah 11 September 2020 Update continues as Zeenat makes her wear garland and hugs her. Ruksaar is elated… it all turns out to be Zara’s dream. She wakes up and hugs Kabir’s jacket.

Zara prays that difficult night have passed, I pray for Kabir to comeback fast.Ruksaar asks Kabir if she can take Zara’s place and pray namaz with him? Kabir says no, nobody can take Zara’s place in my life. Ruksaar stands away from him while he offers namaz.

Zara says to Zeenat that Kabir will bring Ruksaar safely. Zeenat says Ruksaar is safe and with Kabir? did he call you? Zara says no, I saw a dream that Kabir brought Ruksaar back home, you are so happy. Zeenat says your dream will fulfill, I will be so happy when Ruksaar comes. Zara asks her to take rest. Zeenat says I am fine, I am just waiting for Ruksaar to come home. Zara smiles.

Kabir comes to Farhan and says I will reopen Ruksaar’s case, and will prove that you were involved in murder then you might get death penalty, if not then you will jailed for atleast 30 years and your business will be gone and are you married?

Farhan looks away. Kabir says oh you are married, your wife will not wait for you for 30 years? Farhan says please save me for my son, I accept that I didnt let Ruksaar get away, Hamdan and Ruksaar were against each other, if Ruksaar didnt kill Hamdan then he would have killed her, its my fault that I didnt let Ruksaar get her passport and did case to get Hamdan’s business.

Kabir shouts that because of you I had to come here and marry Ruksaar to save her, she is going to be hanged, if you want to save yourself then tell truth to court and I will take my case back against you. Farhan says okay, I will tel truth.

Zeenat says to Ayesha that Zara said that she saw Ruksaar coming back here, she will comeback soon. Zara prays that Kabir save Ruksaar.

Court proceeding starts, Kabir requests to lead it, he calls Ruksaar in witness box, Ruksaar says Hamdan used to beat me, he used to assualt me and didnt let me meet anyone then he took me to desert to kill me so I had to kill him. Other lawyer asks whats the prove that Hamdan used to beat her? Kabir calls Farhan and says you know your statement can save a life? tell truth, what was your relation with Hamdan?

Farhan says he was my business partner and was a friend too. Kabir says then you would know about their relation too? Farhan says yes, it was very bad, Kabir says too bad to even let murder happen? Farhan says yes. Kabir says tell me that Ruksaar was tortured and assaulted?

Farhan says torture and cruelty did happen but not from Farhan, it was from Ruksaar. Kabir is stunned and says you were saying something else. Farhan says it was Ruksaar’s fault, she never took Hamdan as her husband, she wanted to take all wealth of Hamdan and run to India. Kabir says dont lie. Farhan thinks that I wont let get Ruksaar be freed at any cost and I will get out of case Kabir has filed on me. Kabir says to judge that he is lying.

Judge says defence was unable to prove that it was a self defence killing so its proven that Ruksaar killed Hamdan because of her grudges so our decision of hanging her remains same. Kabir and Ruksaar are devasted. Zara’s Nikah 11 September 2020 Update

Kabir comes out of court and is angry, he recalls promise to Zeenat and Zara.Zeenat is waiting for Ruksaar’s return. Kabir calls Zara and asks her to go to room, I have to talk to you. Kabir tells Zara that court didnt take their decision back, we have only one way.. that is after decision of hanging is finalized then only way to save a killer is to give blood money, if family of person who was killed accepts apology with money and let killer go then she wont be hanged.

Zara says it means if Hamdan’s family forgives Ruksaar then she can be freed? I can talk to Hamdan’s family. Kabir says I know its difficult but please try to convince them to take money and forgive Ruksaar, dont worry about money, Shahbaz will handle it. Zara says I will try my best.

Zara comes to Zeenat and says court didnt listen to Kabir.. tomorrow Ruksaar will be hanged. Zeenat is stunned and says what are you saying? you saw a dream. Zara says there is a way, we can talk to Hamdan’s family for blood money, if Hamdan’s family asks for any amount and we give it then we can save Ruksaar.

Zeenat says yes, we will give money as much as they want, she brings her jewelry and money and says take everything, ask them how much money they want. Shahbaz comes there and says dont worry, we have enough money, we can give them money as much as they want as Ruksaar is like our daughter. Zeenat begs Zara to save Ruksaar.

Zara comes to Hamdan’s family. Father asks if she is hear to bring message of Ruksaar’s sister, we are going to see Ruksaar’s death. Zara says I am here to talk about life, its very important, someone is going to lose life so we can save her if you take blood money. Mother says you are asking to make a deal over our son’s death? you didnt lose anyone thats why you are saying all this?

Zara says this is just a request to save Ruksaar’s life, how much money you want? Father says we dont want a single penny, get lost from here. Sister asks her to leave before she throws her out, Zara sadly leaves.

Ruksaar recalls judge’s words that she will be hanged as it was not a self defence case. She lies down in cell and says no one can save me now.Kabir calls Zara, Zara says I tried a lot but they didnt listen to me. Kabir says I tried everything to save that girl but I didnt do enough. Zara says you did everything you could, I am proud of you. Kabir says I am proud of you, that girl didnt let you live in peace and you did everything to save her.

Kabir says I feel like I am responsible for not saving her. Zara says you tried everything but she did kill him and if we couldnt save her even after all this then we should let God decide and accept it as his will. Kabir asks her to pray for Ruksaar, its going to be a difficult night for him.

Kabir comes to Ruksaar’s cell. She is elated to see him. He looks at her sadly. Ruksaar says keep looking at me, I will have life back. Ruksaar says what can I do? I always wanted you to look at me like this, have you come to meet me one last time? can you do me a favor as last wish? will you fulfill it? Kabir nods.

Ruksaar says to Kabir that my last wish is to talk to Zara, Kabir is stunned and video calls Zara. Ruksaar says to Zara that I am going from this world. Zara says I am sorry that we couldnt save you. Ruksaar says I died the day you married my Kabir, can you and Kabir promise something? Zara says anything, Ruksaar says this is only between you both and me, dont tell anyone about my death, dont let Zeenat know that I died, tell her that my punishment was changed to years in prison, she wont be able to bear my death so dont tell her.

Ruksaar says to Zara that dont cry, you should be happy that prick Ruksaar is leaving you but I was not wrong, I loved Kabir from when I was 6 years old, you came way later, I did everything to get him, can I love him after leaving? Kabir can be yours in this world but promise me that he will be with me in that life, promise me that he will not be yours in that world, he will only be mine there, Zara is stunned. Ruksaar says goodbye and ends call. Zara says God I forgive Ruksaar for everything, you forgive her too.

Kabir asks Ruksaar why she didnt tell about our marriage to Zara? why not a thing? Ruksaar says why didnt you tell? Kabir says I tried a lot to call her, Ruksaar says why not after nikah? Kabir says I didnt do this nikah for your happiness, I did to save you, I will tell her looking in her eyes why I married you, I wont tell on phone, he tells her to forget everything, just remember that God takes last decision, I will try to save you till last moment.

Ruksaar says I dont want to live anymore thats why I didnt tell Zara that you and I got married, what could I tell her? that we talked about killing and murder on marriage night instead of love?that you married me but didnt let me stand beside you when offering namaz, I was living to make Zara lose but you made Zara win against me, if I could win from Zara then I would have told her about our marriage. Officer asks Kabir to leave. Ruksaar asks Kabir to stay, please just for few minutes. Kabir says I have to leave, goodbye. Ruksaar cries.

Zara is praying for Ruksaar.Ruksaar makes heart on cell wall with chalk and writs K-R in it.Kabir is walking on roads aimlessly and is tensed.

In morning, priest comes to Ruksaar and asks her to pray to God for her sins and get ready for her last journey. Ruksaar cries and takes Quran from him. Priest turns to leave but Ruksaar says will you not ask my last wish? he says yes. Ruksaar says I want to go like a bride to my last journey, can I wear my red dress?

Kabir is praying outside jail for Ruksaar. He sees Hamdan’s family coming there. He tries to talk to Hamdan’s father but he ignores him. Kabir tries to talk to his mother and convince them but they dont even look at him. All are waiting. Kabir sees Ruksaar coming there in bridal dress, she is stumbling but officer drags her. Hamdan’s family eyes her with hatred. Ruksaar smiles at Kabir and says good bye.. she is about to hug him but he puts hand on her head and says forgive me please. She cries. Officer pushes Ruksaar on plank, Kabir says be careful about her feet. Ruksaar smiles at him.

They tie her hands. Priest says to Hamdan’s family that this is law to ask the family of person who was killed if they can take money and take case back, we can stop this hanging if you agree for a money. Hamdan’s father says we want death in return of death. Kabir asks priest to let him talk to his family. Officer is about to put a black mask on Ruksaar but she says stop, please let me look at Kabir one last time, she sadly looks at him. Priest says to Kabir that you have one minute only.

Kabir says to Hamdan’s family that God said that if you forgive her then God will take this case, your son was not an angel, he tortured this poor girl, I know I cant bring your son back but your forgiveness can save this girl and also give peace to your son’s soul, he will get heaven, you dont want peace of your son just to get peace for a minute here? I beg you. Ruksaar says leave it Kabir, my time has ended, hug Zeenat for me and say my goodbye to everyone.

Kabir has tears and says to Ruksaar that forgive me, this is my last greeting. Inspector points gun at Ruksaar’s head, Ruksaar cries. Hamdan’s mother says stop, we dont want revenge in this world, we want Hamdan’s peace so we forgive this girl, we dont want her to die, leave her. Kabir falls down and cries. Officer leaves Ruksaar. Ruksaar falls near Kabir and does sajda. She prays to God. Kabir makes her get up and says thank his parents who believed God’s words and saved you.

Zara’s Nikah 11 September 2020 Update ends as Ruksaar says I am sorry for killing Hamdan, she tries to console his mother but stops, she looks down and says thank you so much for saving my life. Hamdan’s mother puts hand on her head and blesses her, Kabir thanks them, they leave. Kabir smiles and sits with Ruksaar. He prays to God. Ruksaar smiles.