Age is Just a Number 13th October 2020 Update

Age is Just a Number 13th October 2020 Update

Age is Just a Number 13th October 2020 Update starts Vaidika was shocked to see her bleeding forehead of Sahil. He gets conscious and comes out of the car. He thinks about the girl hit by their car, and brings her to hospital.

The doctor comes outside and says she had hugely bled, and couldn’t be saved. Sahil was in a state of shock. The police also arrive and tells Sahil that the girl ran from a nearby mental hospital and it wasn’t Sahil’s mistake at all. Vaidika asks Sahil not to be tensed, it wasn’t his mistake. They return home.

At Agarwal house, everyone was in a state of panic when Vaidika and Sahil return. Vaidika sends Sahil to the room as he needs rest. Puneesh smirks watching them from a corner.Sahil was asleep, dreaming of the accident. A girl in untied hair comes to his room, she wakes him up and stares at Sahil, her face still in blood. Sahil sits up and asks the girl if she is fine and needs some help. He follows her through the corridor. The girls jumps off the window. Sahil wakes up in his dream, and was terrified of the girl.

Bari Amma comes to Sahil’s room and watching him tensed, she gives him a glass of water. Sahil forbids her to wake up Vaidika. Sahil shares with Bari Amma that when he was a minor, there used to be a room at the back of their house with a window. He dreamed of the accident girl jumping off the same window. He was distressed why he dreamed of that window. Bari Amma assures Sahil that it was only a dream, and puts him to sleep again.

Age is Just a Number 13th October 2020 Update

Outside the room, Nani comes to Bari Amma who was also worried. They vow to protect their children at any cost. Bari Amma comes to the room, she wonders why Sahil discussed about that room again; and even the Shastri mentioned the 3, 3, 3; and that accident also took place on 3rd march 2013.

She will have to save her family from the dark shadows of that past, no matter what step she will have to take. She must use Vaidika to protect Sahil.

The next morning, Vaidika wakes Sahil up. She had brought a thread from temple and requests Sahil not to negate anything Bari Amma also believes.

In the room, Bari Amma wakes up amidst heavy winds. She prays for her family’s safety, and was soon terrified by the lady’s figure on the cupboard. She runs from the room. Sahil comes to console them. Vaidika brings Bari Amma to the hall. Sahil checks into the room, there was none inside. In the hall, Vaidika asks Bari Amma what was there in the room.

Bari Amma says it was a girl wearing pink dress, open hair and bleeding face. Vaidika and Sahil recognize it was the girl who died from their car. Nani was worried that it must be a witch of the dead. She was distressed that such witches destroy the families completely. Bari Amma says her heart trembled hearing the Shastri ji’s warnings, she will now do what she deems important for their family’s peace. There will be a pooja today.

Age is Just a Number 13th October 2020 Update ends as Deepak comes to the corridor and sense heavy winds again. He was ready to fight the devil soul, but overhears Prachi from a room. He hides behind a wall and watch Prachi come out of Puneesh’s room. He smirks that there is a love story going on between this driver and Prachi. He comes to Puneesh’s room and scolds him to being late. He finds something in the room and decides to turn the pooja into a fun.

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