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Age is Just a Number 15th October 2020 Update – Sahil books a flight for USA while Vaidika packs the bags. He was crying for Karan and Shruti. He wonders how he would face Shruti, if it had only to be Karan.

Age is Just a Number 15th October 2020 Update: Vaidika hugs Sahil and gives him courage to stay strong, his sister needs him. He must go and brings Shruti back. Sahil says he feels Ghungru is a nice guy, she must let him stay here till he returns. He hugs Vaidika before leaving.

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It was night. A shadow appears outside Ghungru’s room. He gets up and follows the shadow outside, through the corridor. The shadow’s hair fly. Ghungru stretches himself and boasts about coming into the house. He had claimed he will destroy this Agarwal family at any cost. He is here to revenge for whatever that happened to him in childhood. In a few days, the destruction of this Agarwal family will begin. He thinks only Vaidika Agarwal can be a hurdle in his task. No matter what, none can save this house from him anymore.

Shruti cries hugging Bari Amma and Vaidika. Vaidika says it’s difficult to forget whatever happened, but they have to move forward anyway. Prachi stared at Puneesh doubtfully. Nani consoles Bari Amma. Vaidika takes Shruti inside.

Ghungru thinks they have started to suffer right away.In the room, Vaidika consoles Sahil. He says they must take care of Shruti, she was badly crying in the whole flight. Sahil asks if it’s really some curse. Vaidika says she is sure it isn’t about any curse, it’s about some secret.

Deepak comes to his room. Ghungru lay in his bed. Deepak asks him to get out of his room, else he might give him an electric shock with the lamp. Ghungru pulls a wire from the lamp and gives a jerk to Deepak instead. Vaidika comes there. Ghungru stammers that he got punishment for teasing him.

Deepak tells Vaidika he isn’t mad, he is a goon and is only creating trouble for them. Vaidika leaves the room. Ghungru thinks if Vaidika fells in doubt, she will reveal his secret. Everyone will know there was no one named Kamli and Ghungru.

Vaidika called Mamta Mental Hospital and booked a seat for a mental patient. Bari Amma comes to snatch the phone. Vaidika asks why they don’t realize it’s important for Ghungru to stay under doctor’s observation. Soon, there were heavy winds around the hall. A pot of plant fell from the roof right besides Vaidika.

Bari Amma asks Vaidika if she now believes there is some devilish force here. Vaidika still claims it’s only a coincidence.

Ghungru comes downstairs. Vaidika calls him nearer, then asks him to call Kamli here. Bari Amma asks Vaidika if she has gone crazy. Everyone was terrified of the ghost. Vaidika says if Kamli is doing all this, she wants to meet Kamli and ask why she is doing all this. Deepak was also fearful. Bari Amma questions Vaidika if she wants to prove them all idiots. Such devilish forces spoil the families.

Vaidika argues that this is their fears, she wants to see what such force is capable of. Bari Amma holds a hand to slap Vaidika, Sahil interferes and stops her hand midway. He forbids Bari Amma to behave with Vaidika, she must be cautious. He decides no one will talk about this in the house. He apologizes Vaidika from Bari Amma’s side and takes her into the room.

Ghungru was left alone in the hall. He thinks Vaidika is as strong as a mountain. He must do something, else she might ruin his game. He must give a huge shock to this Vaidika now.

There, Puneesh was happy that now Vaidika and Bari Amma have differences, they are no more on the same page anymore. They hear Sahil calling Vaidika and comes to the room. Vaidika’s body was half hung in air, her eyes up towards the ceiling. She didn’t respond to anyone’s calls. Ghungru watched from the side.

Age is Just a Number 15th October 2020 Update continues as Vaidika speaks in a strange voice, this is her Vaidika Agarwal. Sahil warns the ghost to set Vaidika Agarwal free. Ghungru says he will now see how she doesn’t accept if ghosts really exists.

Sahil asks Vaidika what happened to her. Kamli speaks from Vaidika’s body that Vaidika must now believe that Kamli exists. She laughs ferociously. Sahil was tensed and cries. Vaidika still shouts that everyone must speak Kamli exists. She warns anyone to move closer, else she will make Vaidika kill herself.

Vaidika’s body now suffocates her own necks. Sahil throws water from a pot in the temple. The ghost leaves Vaidika’s body immobile. She fell down unconscious.

Vaidika opens her eyes staring at Sahil and pushes him away from herself. She then walks to grab Sahil up by his collar. Sahil was thrown high up over the wall.

Vaidika throws Bari Amma to the opposite wall as well. Ghungru stood upstairs and boasts about his abilities, these are no ghosts but a science through which he can control anyone for their words and actions. Mixed among these are some effects of alcohol and their blind belief. After tonight, they must believe this house has been occupied by ghosts. The family will be left with no option but to sale this house, and then he will play his master card.

Vaidika as Kamli drags Bari Amma through her hair into the store, she questions everyone to ask Bari Amma about her secret of 333. It’s only because of that secret that the whole family suffer. Before Bari Amma could speak, Vaidika gets a jerk and fells on the floor unconscious.

Ghungru stood outside the storeroom and regrets having lost the control of Vaidika’s mind. In the store room, Bari Amma announces they will no longer live in this house, its occupied. Sahil shouts at them to stay silent, Vaidika is unwell.

In the room, Sahil lay with Vaidika. She opens her eyes, she had severe head ache. Sahil tells Vaidika he is with her, he tells Vaidika there is surely some negative energy in the house. Vaidika didn’t understand what was happening. Nani comes to the room and tells Vaidika whatever happened was real, Deepak even made a video of all the drama. Vaidika watch the video and was left shocked.

Sahil takes the phone from her hand and says there is something extremely wrong. If keeping that mad guy at home eases these souls, they must let him stay here. Vaidika had severe headache and lay down. Ghungru walks away from their door, only Vaidika watches him.

Later, Vaidika hides behind a wall and watches Ghungru come to the kitchen. She locks the door behind him in the kitchen. Ghungru comes near the stove. Vaidika felt bad for Ghungru but it’s important for her to know what the truth of this man is. She won’t get a better chance to know the truth. She thinks if he is normal and only attempting to be crazy, he will turn the gas off.

Inside, Ghungru coughed as he felt suffocation from the gas cylinder which were left on. He comes to the stove but carefully takes the apple. Vaidika thinks she is sure its Ghungru behind everything happening in the house. Ghungru turned his back towards Vaidika, he thinks he had heard Vaidika’s bangles. She is trying to be smart with him, but her smartness will cost him badly now. Age is Just a Number 15th October 2020 Update

He is a beast who came here to destroy her husband and family. He coughs badly. Vaidika hurries into the kitchen, turns the gas off and saves Ghungru. Later, Vaidika was confused and wonders how all that can happen. If Kamli was actually his lover, how all that had happened. Sahil comes to Vaidika and says he is aware what Vaidika just did in kitchen. He tells Vaidika he was moved yesterday for what he has seen. She is his life and he can’t see her in danger.

Vaidika tells Sahil they have to save everyone’s life in the house, and it’s important for them to reach the 333 secret. She asks Bari Amma what exactly this 333 is about. Bari Amma thinks she can’t tell this truth to anyone, as it may badly affect Sahil the most. Bari Amma instead scolds Vaidika for even thinking she can hide anything from her.

Vaidika must take care of herself, her husband and her children. Sahil interrupts and takes Vaidika inside. Bari Amma thinks the secret must burn with her, she won’t let anyone know about it.In the room, Prachi was tensed. Puneesh says there is no better way to earn money for their unborn child but to ignite more tensions and fears in the house.

Vaidika comes to store room and decides to find the 333 secret. She finds a diary with the details of all their recent development and photos written sequentially. Vaidika was terrified at once as Ghungru stood right in front of her, staring at Vaidika. She jumps back and asks if she had been stalking her. Ghungru speaks normally that Vaidika is fond of jumping into every matter. He says he isn’t mental, and whatever happened in the house in the past few days was by him.

Vaidika holds her hand to slap Ghungru, he instead holds her had in midair. Vaidika claims him to be a traitor. Sahil was concerned for his condition, and what he gave instead. Ghungru says he feels bad for Vaidika who is the only one to be dubious of her. He challenges Vaidika that she won’t be able to prove that Kamli’s ghost isn’t real. He holds an old relation with this Agarwal family, the game which started on 3rd march 2013 will end with destruction of Agarwal family.

She won’t be able to save this family; this time her enemy is extremely strong. She might find out what the 333 secret is. Vaidika won’t be able to stop him, even if he tells her his whole plan. Vaidika replies he can’t harm this family till she is alive, the house has no place for someone like him; he must wait and watch.

Vaidika comes to the room and tells Sahil about Ghungru. He didn’t move and was sitting still. Vaidika comes to his front. Sahil’s eyes were not moving, he fell back on the bed unconscious. Vaidika place a cushion under his head. Bari Amma calls Vaidika outside. Vaidika comes to the hall. Ghungru complained Bari Amma against Vaidika. Vaidika reaches the hall and tells Bari Amma that Ghungru is a liar, he isn’t mental. Bari Amma slaps Vaidika without a single word.

Bari Amma shouts that Vaidika doesn’t realize the trouble her constant actions will get this family into. Deepak comes to tell them that Sahil is trembling badly as if he suffers an ailment. Bari Amma blames Vaidika for all this. Vaidika tries to call the doctor. Ghungru tells Vaidika he has hypnotized Sahil; he will now act how Ghungru wants him.

Vaidika grabs Ghungru’s collar and warns him to do anything against Sahil. Ghungru says he will make Sahil suffer even more, Sahil can’t die easily. Vaidika tells Ghungru she will protect her family, husband and children; she knows how to fight the beasts. Till Vaidika and Sahil are together, nothing can harm them. Ghungru says until now, nothing worked for her. What if she herself has to leave the house; there are already two outer doors. Vaidika says there have been many like Ghungru, but nothing could break the house.

The next morning, Puneesh brings the newspapers with the news of ghostly occupation of Agarwal house. The family receive calls from buyers of Agarwal house. Bari Amma blames Vaidika for being responsible for all this. She questions how Vaidika will now save this house. Sahil decisively says this house will always be there. They promise to Bari Amma that nothing will happen to this house.

Puneesh was boastful of his idea. He thinks that by the evening, the house’s worth will fall to minimum. Then he will purchase Agarwal House with Bari Amma’s money. Deepak notices Puneesh’s smile and comes to ask him why he is smiling this way.

Age is Just a Number 15th October 2020 Update ends as Puneesh tells Deepak to respect his elder, he is also tensed for whatever is happening in the house. Deepak could sense something else behind this.Vaidika watches Ghungru peek from behind the hall at them.

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