This is Fate 16 October 2020 Update

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This is Fate 16 October 2020 Update starts as Karan enters the room where Preeta is sitting, then he asks why she trusts what he is saying even when he was the one who wronged her, she explains that she still trusts him.

This is Fate 16 October 2020 Update Ramona is walking in the hall when Karina asks what she is thinking as Maira is coming from the other side, she explains that she is worried because karan has convinced her daughter to take back the case and after that will leave her as Preeta will be released, Rakhi comes informing that she is over reacting and that the only reason karan went to Preeta was to talk with her.

Ramona is not ready to listen to anything then explains that she is aware of each and everything but never says as she felt that it was their family matter but now things have gotten over their heads,

Rishab in an attempt to divert the attention chooses Sameer, he blames him for advising him to divorce Sherlin, everyone starts scolding him for having the guts to say such a thing as it is matter relating to the couple, Sherlin explains that she felt really bad when he thought that he had the right to suggest it, Risahb explains that they all felt bad when they thought that Sameer had suggested it to him then why did they not say anything when Ramona said the same thing about Karan and except Rakhi no one took a stand for him which was hurting.

Preeta explains that some questions have easy answers and can be explained but still are not given, both of them get emotional and start crying but Preeta is not able to wipe her tears, karan helps her and they both are sitting, Preeta seeks permission for asking a question then asks him about what he has promised to Maira that she got ready to confess in favour of Preeta in the court, Karan remembers what he said regarding the marriage, he is not able to say anything, Preeta gets worried seeing his condition then looks him in the eye, he takes her hand and they both look each other in the eyes.

Rishab explains that she took a stand for her daughter so why cannot they take a stand for their son, he says that he felt bad when they did not say anything and he doesn’t want to instruct anyone but knows that his brother is a grown up person and can do all that he wishes so they will not stop him if he wants to meet Preeta.

Risahb says to Sherlin that she asked Sameer why he advised him but he wants to make it clear that there is nothing of the sort and the entire drama was because he did not want anything wrong to happen with Karan so cannot hear anything against Karan, he leaves after which Ramona wonders what she can do to make Preeta go away from her daughter’s life because only then can she marry karan.

Preeta asks karan how much she means to him as this can be the only reason he is helping her, he explains that some answers are very easily but are not given, she then asks him a second question which is if he is marrying Maira, then he explains that it is the same as how much he trusts her, he gets a call from Maira but then the inspector explains that he has to go outside if he wishes to take the call, Karan is talking with Maira asking where she is to which she explains that she has gotten late but will come really soon as she is also aware of how much it means to him that

Preeta gets free, then she pleads with him to talk with her as there are some boys chasing her, then the auto driver makes a run for it and saves Maira, Karan also decides to go after her as she will be in trouble, the car is constantly chasing Maira who is in the auto, they are trying their best to run from them but the car finally stops them and they once again make a run for it, Maira advises the auto driver to make a run for the police station. This is Fate 16 October 2020 Update

Karan asks Ramona for the password to Maira’s phone, she is hesitant but finally agrees when she sees how tensed he is, even then he does not tell them anything and leaves. Karan leaves in a rush which makes everyone wonder where he is going.The auto driver stops the auto on the side and then requests Maira to get out as otherwise it will be really problematic for him but Maira request him to stay then when the goons arrive she hides behind the truck, then escapes as soon as she gets a chance.

The lady constable brings water for Preeta, she advises her to not worry as everything will be alright and the only thing which she should believe in is god, the inspector seeing her calls her to accompany the lawyer.

Karan tracks the phone of Maira but is shocked to see that she is hiding in a location where there are only warehouses, she decides to call Karan but panics and then calls him explaining that she is being chased by some goons who seem very dangerous and so she pleads with him to come and rescue her as otherwise it will be really problematic, he advises her to keep the phone in her hand as he will track it and come to her.

Maira is caught by one of the goon who places his hand on her mouth, they are not even scared of Karan’s threats, which leaves karan really worried.

Shrishti is calling Karan but it is not connecting, Sarla comes asking about Karan to which she explains that it is not connecting then is really tensed, she says that she should not have trusted karan as he is really irresponsible.

Maira is taken inside a warehouse, she slaps the leader asking why did they show their face as then karan would get curious and might catch them, they apologize explaining that they did all that they could to make it real as she was the one to pay them then she asks for her phone ordering them to keep an eye on the surroundings.Maira calls Sherlin who is in the court, then she asks what is happening, Sherlin asks where she is to which she explains that she has been kidnapped by some goons,

This is Fate 16 October 2020 Update ends as Sherlin gets worried but then Maira mentions that they all were her people and are working for her, she planned this all as she was not sure about karan and felt that he might leave her once Preeta is released from Jail, so she planned her kidnapping and played all the cards to make it look as if it was all real, and even got slapped by one of the kidnappers to make it look more legit, Sherlin is also impressed by her plan and they both laugh while talking on the phone.

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