Scripture Union Daily Guide 15th November 2020 – Dealing With Sin In The Church

Scripture Union Daily Guide 15th November 2020, Scripture Union Daily Guide 15th November 2020 – Dealing With Sin In The Church, Premium News24

Scripture Union Daily Guide 15th November 2020 Message

Topic: Dealing With Sin In The Church

Opening Prayer: Oh Lord, fill me with the power of the Holy Ghost as I study your word.

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 13:1-13

• Is there any example for me to follow or not to follow?
• Is there any other Biblical passage that can help me understand this passage better?

Message: After dealing with the challenge of the false apostles, Paul re–establishes his authority over the Corinthians by reminding them that he would deal with offenders when he visited them for the third time (v.2). He speaks firmly against sin and advices those who do not live well to desist from sin before he visited them as he would not hesitate to punish offenders. Whose power was Paul relying on in dealing with the church (vv.3, 4)?

Notice the advice he gave the Corinthians in v.5. It is important that we all should regularly examine ourselves to see whether we follow the teachings of the Lord in our lives daily. Why is this exercise important with every individual and church? Notice what the apostolic authority is meant for in v. 10.

Paul ends his letter with an encouragement to the Corinthians to put things in order, agree with each other, and live at peace with one another (v.11). He does not just re–establish his authority but his relationship with the church again. When things have gone wrong and you talk about it, you need to seek to normalize relationships again. Keeping grudges is harmful to the individuals concerned and to the church.

⁂ Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Practice/Word Application
• Meditation: Do you need to mend relationships with anybody of late? Pray about it and do it.

Eternal life
Eternal life otherwise called everlasting life is the life of God in man received at conversion. It is a life without end with God in eternity. Christ died for us in order that He will live in us. His life in us is the source of eternal life and is the power by which we live a true Christian life that goes on after the earthly life.

Prayer Points
• Lord, help me to do nothing against the truth, but to do everything for the truth in Jesus name. Amen.
• Pray for Christian Ministries that either provide free Bibles or are involved in Bible translation into ethnic languages such as Gideon International, Bible Society of Nigeria, etc.
• Offer a prayer of faith in line with I Samuel 2:9

Read the Bible in one Year
1 Chron. 16–18; Luke 2:1–24

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