It is clear that the President is no longer fit to govern the country. Few days ago we were told by the First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, that her husband was not as ill as most of us believed and that despite his health challenges he has continued to “carry out his responsibilities”.

That same week the media went on to convince us without providing any pictures evidence that the President had resumed work and that he had had a series of fruitful and productive meetings with his Minister of Justice and the Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) respectively.

We were assured the president will preside over the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting scheduled last week, he never showed up even after missing out three times consecutively.

All these painting of hale and healthy president is a prove of falsehood from presidency. Buhari just missed his FOURTH Federal Executive Council meeting in a row as a result of chronic and debilitating ill health. What else do I need know? all is not well with Buhari.

This is no longer news to the rest of Nigerians. Buhari is down, frail, sick, incapacitated. Some cabals are bent on having him on Villa sit probably against his will, not to resign. Worst of it all, they conceal the truth about his health status but use tax payers money to run his medical bills. Just wondering when Aso rock became home for the elderly, or perhaps a charity organization.

Yesterday the news about him jetted out to London for further medical treatment filtered the air, our claimed “hale and heart” president, “observing rest”, “fit enough to run for the Presidency in 2019” seem to have deteriorated badly in health. Now his health is a challenge and responsibility of Nigerians to look after. Honestly I wonder how people think seeing Buhari and his wicked cables run Nigeria like their private estate. Buhari is unfit to rule. Can’t he resign to take care of himself in Daura. Must we always have a sick president? Years back it was Musa Yar’adua’s case, today Buhari.

Governance has been on slow move, poverty is ravaging majority. People go to bed hungry. Everyone yarn for improvement. It’s obvious the ill health of the President is taking its toll on the nation. People aren’t speaking up enough, even opposition that managed to speak are bullied to silence. Government is now run on sympathy rather than efficiency. A sick president should be allowed to resign or rather give way for his Vice run government. Rulership by part-time gives room for fraud, unaccountability, power abuse and throttling. No need having absentee president.

If peradventure the president is battling his last stay on earth. I may wish to make one request from him. Please Sai Baba Mi abeg. Let Buhari apologize to Nigerians for the shedding innocent blood especially the IPOB and muslim shittes members, and most importantly the economic hardship he brought upon us. I am among the people he removed food from mouth. I wish he does so before he answers his call. Then we will wish him smooth ride to heaven with triple 72 virgins at the door to welcome him. Thank you.

Source: Caring Eberechi Chinenye(Facebook)


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