Ali Modu Sheriff is not a member of PDP says Okewulonu

PDP In Crisis

– Latest Controversy: Ali Modu Sheriff  may not be member of the Nigerian Opposition Party PDP
in Owerri, the Imo state capital, the former SGI said Sheriff’s
desperation to remain chairman was a bad omen to the party. He
insinuated that Sheriff was a non-card carrying member of the PDP,
saying a critical check on his membership will prove that he was not
even registered in his ward and therefore may not even have a PDP
membership card.

Okewulonu said: “The ward is where
membership of a party is anchored. I bet you, Sheriff’s name is not in
PDP’s membership register in his ward because he suddenly jumped into
PDP from APC. He is acting as if he is harbouring an age long bitterness
against PDP and the opportunity has now provided itself for him to
strike.” The former SGI wondered what Sheriff stands to lose if he does
not become the national chairman of the PDP.

He noted
that the “issue of Sheriff has been blown out of proportion by the media
thereby, portraying our party as being in crisis.” Okewulonu stated
that the PDP is greater than any of its members and is still intact,
Sheriff or no Sheriff. He therefore cautioned party members to be humble
enough to subject themselves to party constitution. Continue from

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