Anthony Martial in for trouble as lover and ex-wife Samantha team up

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Manchester United star Anthony Martial was caught playing the field – now he’s paying the price.

The woman he cheated ON has teamed up with the woman he cheated WITH to wreak revenge.

It’s like a glorious episode of tacky drama Footballers’ Wives.

The £36million French star — yesterday named the world’s most valuable footballer under 21 — split from childhood sweetheart Samantha after The Sun on Sunday, revealed he had bedded X Factor wannabe Emily Wademan in January.

Now the mother of his one-year-old daughter has reached out to Emily in an effort to befriend her . . . and you can guess their main conversation.

Martial's wife

A source said: “Samantha and Emily have formed an unlikely friendship, sharing information about Anthony on Snapchat and WhatsApp.

“Samantha has even been praising Emily’s looks and treating her like a genuine friend.

“It’s surprising, as Samantha had previously lashed out at Emily for going public about Anthony.

“But now she seems to be finding comfort in their common ground, which unsurprisingly is that both of them think he is an awful human being.

Martial's Lover

“Either that or she is gathering ammunition from Emily so she can get every last penny out of Anthony for their daughter.”

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