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Baby Born With Stigmata Of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday in Yenagoa


As EASTER has come and gone, it came with lots of surprises; both bad and good. But all events were not just surprised but a point of reflection.

It was reported in Yenagoa, Bayelsa journalist shot dead by unknown Gunmen at his Kpansia residence and event occurred about 5am Easter Sunday. Well, that’s a bad surprise.

Another report from Vanguard, suggested that accidents occurred in Lagos which some passengers were burnt to ashes. Just like what happened to Deeper Life Church bus, also happened to a bus in Lagos.

Far away Asso Village in Southern Kaduna, people were greeted with Easter Eve massacre, depopulation, genocide and Fulani. Bloodshed was the order of the day. It was inhuman, devilish and worrisome.

So many events took place but the must surprising one also occurred in Yenagoa, Easter Sunday where a baby was born.
Well, it is an exciting one as it coincided with the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. But not just that but the same baby was born with Stigmata Of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday in Yenagoa

According to source, the baby’s palms have the mark of the nails, and that of the toes as if the newly born is Christ. Same to his head with the mark of crown of thorns that Jesus wore during crucifixion.

From same source but not yet confirmed, people are trooping in to see the baby in Yenagoa around Ebi’s mechanic road in Amarata. The most amazing part which was noticed is anyone who is ill of any kind gets instant healing once the person carries the child.

This is really amazing and soul-reflecting. As at the time of filing our correspondent is out to get the information officially and it will be updated.


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