Biafra agitation not dead, next move unpredictable, says Igbo Elders


BIAFRA AGITATION- The Igbo Leaders of Thought (ILT), a body of Igbo eders led by renowned constitutional lawyer, Prof. Ben. Nwabueze and the Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA) yesterday in Enugu dismissed as false insinuations in some quarters that the military clampdown on Biafran agitators had ended the clamour for restructuring in the country.

As published from ThisDayLive

“Proscribing them or branding them terrorist will never solve the problem. Voting huge money to block them and drive government narrative in the media is unhelpful.

“Fake measures can only offer temporary relief and help officials who packaged the proposal to crush the boys, smile to the bank. All through history, all over the world, such fake measures has never truly restored peace. It can only drive the angry agitators underground.

“We are hereby giving notice, that the Biafra agitation is not dead, the agitators have not been raptured to heaven, they are bitter, angry, and their next move unpredictable. Those deliberately delaying the restructuring of Nigeria are merely sowing the wind. We all will reap the whirlwind sooner or later.


The group continued: “The impression that the Biafra agitation for secession has been crushed is false. Only an early engagement of the angry youths in a dialogue and the restructuring of Nigeria can guarantee peace.”

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