Bishop T.D Jakes Sunday Message 6 August 2023

Bishop T.D Jakes Sunday Message 6 August 2023
Bishop T.D Jakes Sunday Message 6 August 2023

Watch Bishop T.D Jakes Sunday Message 6 August 2023, The Conception of Faith

Message: The Conception of Faith!
Scripture: Hebrews 11:8-12; Romans 10:15-17 (NIV); James 1:21 (KJ21)
Speaker: Bishop Jakes
Date: August 6, 2023

WATCH Bishop T.D Jakes Sunday Message 6th August 2023 Below:

Abraham’s infertile, elderly wife Sarah didn’t understand how it would happen, but she remained steadfast in her belief that God would fulfill His promise. As a result, she was blessed to defy all odds and give birth to a son named Isaac! No matter your challenges, the conception of faith can bring miracles into your life. It is an inherent part of your existence, but being obedient and fully embracing it is up to you. By hearing His Word and understanding His character, you can build a foundation of faith so solid that you, too, can stand steady in ANY storm!

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