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Boxer was ‘robbed of £31,000 watch by women who showed him their pants’


The wife of a famous Mexican boxer claims a group of scantily-clad women got her husband drunk and stole his $40,000 (£31,000) watch.

Julio César Chávez Jr was caught in a compromising position in his hotel suite at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, days after losing a match against Canelo Alvarez on May 6.
Footage of the 31-year-old lying on a bed with three women showing him their underwear emerged days after his fight on Thursday, according to The Daily Mail.
Chávez is seen lying on a bed in a hotel room suite while a woman sits on his chest and another man, who is filming, pulls her pants down.
Julio César Chávez Jr

Another woman then pulls her jeans down, to show her rear.

But despite the embarrassing nature of the footage, Chávez’s wife Frida is sticking by her husband and says he was robbed of his phone, a $40,000 Hublot watch, and his $3million cheque from the fight.
She went on to blame her husband’s actions on him drinking too much and even hinted he may have been drugged.
Julio César Chávez Jr

Frida told ESPN how she and Chávez met a British man and some women at a hotel bar on May 8.
She claimed these people robbed Chávezbetween 5am and 6am, while she cared their daughter Julia, upstairs.

She said: ‘I had the cheque on the table, and when I checked the next day, there was no cheque.’
Frida then told Remezcla: ‘The watch was also gone.’
Frida said her husband, who remained with the women after his wife went upstairs, had gone through several drinks and was the victim of a trap.

Julio César Chávez Jr

A source close to the boxer’s team said the cheque was later found at the MGM Grand, in the suite where the couple slept.

But the Hublot watch has yet to be found and Chávez and his wife have questioned hotel staff and are considering legal action.
Chávez is the son of iconic Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chávez Sr.
He was trying to revitalise a career tainted by positive drug tests, weight issues and lax training.
But he proved no match against Alvarez in last week’s fight.


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