Charlotte Crosby has shown off the results of her recent boob job in a new sideboob selfie – showing her looking completely different.

The Geordie Shore star posed in a strappy leotard highlighting the results of the op, which she wanted after having anxiety about her “uniboob” due to cruel online comments.Charlotte Crosby wows fans as she shows off new boobs with revealing selfie

The brunette northerner, who was previously a 34D in bras, also had noticeably fuller lips and a darker tan in the snap, which she was using to advertise a body “highlight palette”.

She was soon bombarded with comments on the snap, including one from a fan which read: “Omg… Where is Charlotte???”

Referencing a tweet Charlotte wrote in 2014, a second wrote: “You once said in an interview you hate big boobs?”

At the beginning of 2017, Charlotte did indeed tell an interviewer: “I don’t have any plans for [having an op on] anything else. I don’t like boobs, I’d rather have none.

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