Claim God's Word – Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

Welcome to DCLM Daily Manna Devotional written by Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

TOPIC: Claim God’s Word

TODAY: Monday May 1, 2017

BIBLE TEXT: Psalm 119:81-88

KEY VERSE: “My soul fainteth for thy salvation: but I hope in thy word” (Psalm 119:81).

One of the mightiest men of prayer of last generation was George Muller of Bristol, England. When it was laid upon Muller’s heart to pray for anything, he would search the Scriptures to find if there were some promises that captured the case. And when he found a promise, with his Bible opened before him and his finger upon that promise, he would claim God’s word. He thus received whatever he asked for. It is amazing how believers sometimes imagine God to be a forgetful Being.

Using our human limitations as a yardstick, we reason that if God’s promises seem to linger from being fulfilled in our lives, He, probably, must have forgotten, got too busy or altogether become unconcerned about our state. This is the situation with the Psalmist in our text as he was being persecuted wrongly by his enemies, who dug pits for him. He was so discouraged and almost at the point of death that his soul fainted while waiting for God’s salvation and deliverance. Fortunately, he was able to still put his hope in God’s words.

Unknown to many, God’s word, His instructions, revelations, prophecies and promises are a reflection of His nature. He is immortal. He is unchanging. He is undying. Likewise His words. Once uttered, they hover around like living forces, until their missions are accomplished. God is not a man that He should lie or say anything He cannot or will not do. Man often proves his natural limitation, when he breaks an agreement. It is a reflection of his innate changeability. But God is ever faithful.

His faithfulness provides a sure anchor of hope and comfort for the true believer – an anchor that remains steadfast amidst the uncertainties and vicissitudes of life. So, child of God, look away from your natural limitations, the instability of your environment and the inconsistency of your fellow humans and abandon all your worries and cares in the mighty hands of the One so dependable. In His immutability lies your security. Trust Him absolutely and claim His unfailing words.

Thought for the day: Faint not, claim God’s Words.

Bible Reading in one Year: 1 Chronicles 1-4

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