Curse of the Sands, Sunday 25th July 2021 Update

Curse of the Sands, Sunday 25th July 2021 Update
Curse of the Sands, Sunday 25th July 2021 Update

The Curse of the Sands, Sunday 25th July 2021 Update starts as Kali/Siya with Dayimaa travels in a car after attending Raj Jyotisji’s shok sabha/mourn meet. Dayimaa says she is sure Vanraj killed his father looking at his behavior today.

Kali defends Vanraj and says a son cannot kill father. Rana walks towards home shattered after Vanraj lied him that Kali is Vanraj’s wife and he wants Rana’s help to get back his wife. Jag Soona Soona Lage re…song…plays in the background. He feels Kali acted as caring for him and then betrayed. He cries why life is so unfair to him repeatedly. He reaches palace and followed by Kali and Dayimaa.

Kali asks where was he. He says it is none of her business. They see dead guard and a spider web all around and try to enter breaking it, but cannot.

Mohini provokes her enemy to come in front and fight instead of attacking from behind. Her enemy comes in front acting weirdly. Mohini identifies her as chudail land’s spider and asks how did he escape from there. Spiderwoman continues her weird acting and ties Mohini with her web.

Mohini tries to free herself, but fails. Spiderwoman says she knows chudail cannot be killed, but she can torture her, let her see who will save her. Mohini says she can torture her, but only till Rana comes to save her.

Rana hears Mohini’s cry and gets worried for her. Dayimaa says looks like someone kidnapped Mohini’s shadow and using it to harm Mohini. Kali says they should escape from here before Mohini returns. Dayimaa backs her. Rana says he is not a traitor like Kali who betrayed her husband Vanraj. Mohini says Vanraj is not her husband. Maya rushes to them and informs Rana that Mohini is kidnapped by Spiderwoman, showing her disintegrating hand. She pleads Rana to save Mohini.

Rana says he will save Mohini. Kali backs him followed by Dayimaa. Maya thinks she needs to take Siya and Devaki Dayimaa’s help now and then will inform their truth to Mohini. Spiderwoman watches them via black magic and thinks let them come, she knows how to handle them.

Spider woman sees Kali, Rana, Maya, and Dayimaa getting ready to rescue Mohini and thinks chudail is very lucky to have supporters whom she tortured a lot, but she will tackle them all. Dayimaa walks towards spider web. Kali tries to stop her.

Dayimaa says she wants to know who is this spider woman and what she is up to. Spider woman continues her weird drama touching Mohini’s hair, skin, lips, etc.., and praising her beauty; says she will take chudail’s eyes and will play marbles with chudail children. She tortures Mohini and laughs.

Rana asks DK/Dayimaa to find out who is Mohini’s enemy. Dayimaa uses black magic and shows Mohini and Spider woman playing together. Rana shouts one more chudail, Behramgarh is full of chudails. Dayimaa says this is Spider woman who was Mohini’s best friend, they both wanted to become ret ki dulhan, so they both prayed Ret ke raja, but since only 1 can become ret ki dulhan, Ret ke raja asked them to complete and whoever has more power will become ret ki dulhan.

Mohini won and become ret ki dulhan, making her best friend Spider woman as her enemy. Spider woman doubled her powers in 750 years and returned now to take revenge from Mohini, she will behead Mohini for sure.

Rana says he will save Mohini at any cost een if he has to risk his life and asks if there is any way to get inside. Maya says she can send him in, but he can get out only after killing Spider woman and if he fails and she caught him, she will be killed. Rana says he is ready. Siya accompanies him. They both get in.

Curse of the Sands, Sunday 25th July 2021 Update ends as Spider woman does havan and warns Mohini that she cannot escape and can just shout. Rana and Kali get in and walk separately searching Mohini. Spider woman catches Rana and ties him with her web. She then catches even Kali.

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