Deception 19 May 2020 Update – Rahul plans attack on Gupta House & Vyas Mansion

Deception 19 May 2020 Update

Deception 19 May 2020 Update – Rahul plans attack on Gupta House & Vyas Mansion

The Episode starts with Harish telling Dada ji that it would have been good if he had not returned and would have lost in mountains. He says from today onwards, we will not take your decisions into account and asks him not to involve himself in their affairs and asks him to keep himself away from them. Naren asks Harish why he is saying this. He blames Pooja for his family division. Pooja says she will take NGO’s help.

She calls on her number, but they refuse to help her going against Naren. Naren asks her to do whatever she wants, but she will not get Anuj’s body. Pooja swears to get her brother’s body in 2 days. Naren says till then he is our safekeeping. He takes Anuj’s body to the morgue. Rahul smiles on naren and Pooja’s break up.

Pooja comes home. Rachel makes tea for them and says Anuj might be coming. Pooja tells that she will get her brother’s body back and asks Kusum what she shall do to get justice for Anuj. Kusum asks her to get Naren jailed for 20 years atleast and asks her to promise. Pooja feels herself in dilemma. Rahul gives money to Inspector and also to goons, asking them to threaten Gupta family so much that Pooja sends Naren to jail. Satish asks pooja to sit. Pooja sits and blames herself. Satish asks her to talk to Naren alone.

Kusum says Anuj will get peace when Naren gets arrested. Rahul’s goons attack Gupta family. They hide behind the chairs. The goons break the things in house. Rahul’s men comes to Vyas mansion and asks Naren to return his body. Dada ji asks him to return his body. Harish refuses. Pooja asks Satish to take Rachel inside and says we can’t let Anuj’s baby to have anything. Satish and Kusum take Rachel inside. Pooja calls Police and tells about the attack.

Inspector gives call to Rahul. Rahul calls her and asks why is she lying, there is no goons here? Pooja says she is recording the call and call his senior. Rahul says your husband has planned this attack on your family. Pooja thinks how can he stoop low.

Rahul comes home and asks his goon how dare he to throw chappal on Naren. And on whose insistence? Man says he came on Pooja’s orders. Naren gets angry and asks him to tell Pooja that she will not get her brother’s body. Rahul and Neelima provoke Naren against Pooja. Harish asks him to get ready for the case. Pooja cries and says why can’t Naren see her pain of losing her brother. Naren suspects Pooja’s hand in hiding Angraj’s body and says why did you burn mannequin in your sasural. She determines to get justice for Anuj. She applies sindoor in her maang. Jogiya song plays…She thinks she will not forget her dharma. Naren talks to Angraj’s pic and tells that he will get mukti for him.

Rahul says Naren is stuck between wife and mother. Surbhi says Pooja will give statement against Naren. Pooja tells Satish that she is going to court. Satish asks how you will go alone? Pooja tells that her brother is with her and tells that Shivani will give them protection. Kusum asks her not to return without getting justice for Anuj.

Deception 19 May 2020 Update – Naren Get Shocked Seeing Pooja Standing In Election

Rahul telling that Pooja will give statement against Naren. Supriya says she will not lose her son, although she lost one. Harish says if she gives any wrong statement then we will appeal in higher court. Naren recalls his promise made to Supriya. He sits in car and asks Danish to come in other car. Pooja thinks of Rahul’s words that Naren gave orders for stone pelting. Lal ishq plays…Naren thinks Pooja planned attack on their house. Pooja’s car is stopped by someone. She thinks Naren’s men is stopping them and see women coming out from the car. She sees someone sitting in car and gets shocked.

Satish and Kusum come to the court. Pooja comes to the court. Rahul signs his men. Pooja comes to the court and thinks of Kusum’s words. Lawyer asks Pooja what happened on that night. Pooja tells that her husband wanted to surprise her and tells everything. Lawyer asks why did Naren Vyas shot Anuj. Pooja says Anuj shot Angraj at first twice and says Naren Vyas shot to protect himself and his brother Angraj in self defence. Kusum is shocked. Naren’s lawyer asks Judge to release him from all charges. Kusum says she is lying and says naren is guilty of my son, he shall be jailed for life. She scolds Pooja for not lowering his brother’s favors. Judge gives judgement infavor of Naren and releases him. Kusum slaps her and curses her.

Naren holds Pooja. Pooja goes from there upset. Dada ji hugs Naren. Pooja lights the candles and hopes Anuj forgives her. Naren asks her if she thinks she will play the game with him by saving him. Pooja says she told the truth. Naren says it is difficult to trust you and blames her. He blames her mayka.

Pooja promises that she will do her brother’s last rites before evening. She says you can’t keep my brother’s body as if he is your property. He says I will use my red batti and will not let you get your brother’s dead body. Pooja asks him not to be so sure of the red batti that he loses because of it. Danish comes to Naren and tells that opposition is telling that the candidate will shock you. Naren says nobody is born who can shock me. He says we will go there.

Naren, Rahul and Danish go there. Naren says who is the one who didn’t withdraw her name. Candidate comes wearing white saree. Opposition team member calls their party candidate. Pooja comes and unveils her statue. Naren is shocked to see her.

Pooja addressing to the people as the political contestant against Naren. She recalls opposition lady Shailaja giving her support to Pooja and says she will get her brother’s body. Pooja asks what do you know? Shailaja says you can check my record and tells that she has a clean image and she does clean politics. She says Naren thinks Politics is game and that’s why she wants her to stand against Naren. She says once you enter Politics, you can’t back off. Reporter asks if she is Naren’s Vyas’s wife or a woman.

Pooja says she is standing here as a woman who wants to fight for women justice and for their self respect. Shailaja says she is not an ordinary woman and tells that her brother’s body is kept captive by someone. Dada ji tells Harish and Supriya that he kept shanti paat for Angraj. Supriya refuses. Pooja says she wants to fight the election with honesty. Naren claps and starts walking out.

Pooja sits in her car and sees Naren already there. He says you can get 5 mins for your husband alone. He holds her face and says you will have your jalwa in hrishikesh. He says there is a difference between handling kitchen and people. Pooja says when I can handle you, I can handle the people. Naren says he will enjoy to break her ego. She gets down from the car and pulls him out of car. Naren says I am betrayed and you are tears in your eyes. He asks her to tell about the constitution. Pooja refuses to give answer to him. He twists her hand and asks what was the need to do this? She says you have kept my brother’s body as your private property and says she will take his body from him with Politics help.

Dada ji thinks I couldn’t do anything as Naren and Pooja separated. And my son snatched rights from me to say anything. He suffers a heart attack. Naren and others come there. Harish and others take him to room. Naren burns the newspaper and asks Danish to end phone call, wifi, internet, landlines etc. He says he doesn’t want his family to know about Pooja and his fight. Shailaja asks Pooja to go to hospital and get Anuj’s body and says she will make the necessary arrangements. Pooja asks Shailaja to search Angraj’s body for Vyas family.

Shailaja assures her and tells that hrishikesh will get a good neta. Dada ji admires Naren and Pooja’s pic and tells Harish that he didn’t climb sone ki sidi (golden hair), he means to say he didn’t become great grand father. He asks where is Pooja and asks Surbhi to call her. Doctor tells them that Dada ji has suffered a trauma and lost recent memory and went back 2-3 years back. Everyone is shocked. Shailaja comes to Vyas Mansion.

Deception 19 May 2020 Update ends as Naren says where is the media and asks how the headlines will be made now that you came here. Shailaja gives papers and says Anuj Gupta’s body will be with Hrishikesh police custody and his last rites will be done by evening. Naren thinks I am sure that it is your plan Pooka, but I will not let you do.

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