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Facebook tribal war between Ibos & Ijaws over the Killing of 18 years old girl by her lover in Yenagoa

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The Igbo boy  name mr tochikwu that killed the girl from biogbolo community in bayelsa state for rituals



For the purpose of records the girl who is murdered by d Ibo guy lives around d  Nabourhood of Mokelese Osain,  in Biogbolo community, I personally saw dis  young girl walk  pass 2saturdays  ago when I visited him. It was at d play ground we hung  out with a few other friends… I also demanded to know whose daughter she is  and Mokelese mentioned late Zedibe Pius of blesssed  memory.

It is also a known fact that this strange fellow ones lived in her grand PA’s house were she also lived until her demise. The IBO guy had  only moved out abt  three months away , or thereabout,  before d unfortunate incidence.

Lover stabbed 18 year old girl to death and flee

Lover stabbed 18 year old girl to death and flee

Without precipitation, this is a clear case of ritual sacrifice  attempted on her . it is evidently clear that the body part of her breast was almost dismembered, after inducing her with a chemical substance. On d process of trying to cut off her breast part  she regained consciousness and started to struggle and shouted for help. However, haven known that he’ll be exposed because d girl had regained consciousness he decided to dash d knife into her abdomen, which was d last struck that broke d camel’s back.

This  account  was  reported and narrated to me  by community members.

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