French tourist falls to his death while taking selfie in Thailand

A 33-year-old French tourist died on Friday, November 15th after falling from a 260ft waterfall while trying to take a selfie at the Na Mueng 2 waterfall, Thailand.

The accident happened on Thursday afternoon on the resort island of Ko Samui in southern Thailand. Local Police said the French holidaymaker was with a friend, Thomas Mechin, who witnessed the incident.

A Spanish tourist died in the same spot several months ago, Samui tourist police officer Poowadol Wiriyanarangkul said.

“There are already signs saying ‘No entry’ as the area is quite dangerous. Some tourists may want to get better photos, but it’s quite steep and slippery there and he slipped. A friend that accompanied him saw the man take pictures and fall’’ about a height equivalent to a three-storey house, he said.

Police have already contacted the deceased relatives. Although a preliminary coroner’s report has yet to be issued, Police believe the tourist died from a fractured skull.

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