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FRESH TROUBLE: Kim Kardashian has lost more than 100,000 Instagram followers


KIM Kardashian fans have turned on the star after un-airbrushed pictures of her on the beach in Mexico revealed

previous “natural” photoshoots have been heavily Photoshopped.

The mother-of-two has lost more than 100,000 Instagram followers since un-airbrushed photos from her holiday in Mexico emerged this week, sparking a media storm.

She was attacked online as trolls said the snaps of her imperfect behind – displaying some cellulite – were clearly different from airbrushed photos she often posts on social media.

Fans were quick to turn on Kim, who “broke the internet” two years ago with a picture of her balancing a glass of champagne on her bottom, for constantly flaunting her “fake body parts”.

Geegeelove1 said on Instagram: “Kim you make me feel sick talking about your flawless body when you run to the plastic surgeon for everything. There is nothing real about you.”

Hey_Kendi commented on a photo of Kim with sister Kourtney saying: “The natural one. Kimmy would look that good too if she stayed away from all that plastic surgery. Injections, implants, shots; just say no.”

Other fans praised Kim for revealing her natural figure

Anglinaeyes5469 added: “And yet they want young ladies to look up to them. With such language they speak I wouldn’t allow my dog to follow them, I am UNFOLLOWING.”

Ray Sanders tweeted: “Absolutely unbelievable. Wake up and face reality. Photoshop is your best friend @KimKardashian.”

Kim, who still has 98.8million followers on Instagram, ranted at the global furore.

She said: “I’ve seen perspective is a b****. I’ll work on taking videos with better lighting & angles. F*** you.” She deleted the post one minute later.

But while some were quick to criticise Kim for her unaltered appearance in the snaps – others were pleased to see the star in her all her glory.

Alma Delia said: “Thank you @Kim Kardashian for showing us your real body without photo shop.”

Kendall Bartels tweeted: “Love to see @KimKardashian in a bikini without photoshop. How great it is that young women also get to see curvy girls with natural flaws.”


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