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Geet 21 March 2020 Update



Geet 21 March 2020 Update starts as Maan walks near the indoor pool where Annie is standing with a very disturbed and thoughtful expressions, He looks at that and walks towards her. She turns and says oh Brother when did you come? MSK does not waste any time and comes to the point right away.. Saying Annie I want to talk to you about Geet.. Annie is more upset and almost says with teary voice that she knew that Geet had plans behind her sweet talk..

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MSK does not like that he gives her steady stare. Annie continues that as soon as he arrived Geet must have tried to complain about her. she adds tearfully now Geet will drive me away from you too the way she did with Devbhai throwing him out of the house. Maan sternly calls her name but Annie says I am sorry bhai that you must be feeling bad but isn’t it the truth. She continues in upset tone saying but the moment I came to know about her being the reason for the separation between you and Dev Bhai, I do not want to even see her face.

I thought she was very good with such a sweet face & so her heart must be the same but I never knew that such a sweet looking girl is breaking my family apart.. all this time MSK listens Annie and lets her vent whatever was in her heart. Annie looks at Maan who just did not say a word. Annie says vehemently that she hates Geet and adds I am sorry but after knowing the truth I cannot attend your wedding.

Maan looks at his sister and her little sister like upset outburst. He holds her hand and says come with me.. Annie tries to protest by standing still but MSK leads her near the pool.. Annie says bhai what are you doing. Maan says let’s play a game.. Our favorite childhood game.. hide and seek game.. Annie says I am talking about such a serious topic and you want to play games??

Maan says I still remember Annie that when we used to play hide and seek you really used to give me hard time but we always used to have wonderful time.. Let’s just recreate those wonderful moments.. Saying he takes his handkerchief out and blindfolds Annie.. Annie says bhai what are you doing? Do you understand what I am trying to say to you. But Maan just blindfolds Annie and stands little farther away from Annie with folded arms across his chest and calls out saying Annie, now find me.. Annie tries to move toward him with extended arms calling him out.. bhai where are you and walking slowly, she passes by Maan and is moving slowly toward the edge of the pool.

Maan turns and looks at Annie’s slow progress toward the edge of the pool.. Annie constantly keeps calling out his name but he stands there with folded arms watching Annie without a word.. Annie was at the edge of the pool and her next step would have been in the water but before she take dip in the pool, Maan pulls her back.. and steadies her and removes her blind fold and keeps his kerchief back in his pocket. Maan says see you could have been in the swimming pool drawning…

Annie says confidently no, I wouldn’t be. Maan says why. Annie says because I know you would never let that happen. Nothing can happen to me when you are with me I trust you more then my life…. Maan makes his point clear saying with a serious tone and the same trust Geet had bestowed upon Dev. Annie looks confused.. Maan continues.. Dev not only broke her trust but destroyed her life.. Annie looks really puzzled.. she says what are you saying bhai? Devbhai and Geet?? Maan finished for her saying yea they got married. Annie was really stricken and steps back..

Geet 21 March 2020 Update on StarLife

Maan continues the story saying in spite of being married man, he conducted a fake marriage with Geet to get her dowry money.. made fake promises and showed her rosy future and after a day of wedding he left her alone and ran away…. and today Geet is carrying Dev’s baby.. All the time when Maan was narrating this Annie got more and more upset. She says OMG I cannot believe this.. my own brother did like that?? Part 2 Annie is now upset with the fact that she misjudged Geet.. She says before knowing the full details I said so much hurtful things to Geet and she did not utter a word but took all my accusations without a single word.

Maan steadily looks at her. She puts her hand on Maan’s shoulder and says desperately.. I really made such a blunder and hurt her I need to ask forgiveness from her. Saying she right away turns to go. Maan stops her calling Annie? She turns back to look at her brother. Maan says saying sorry would not be enough but I do have a better idea…. Khurana Mansion glows in evening lights.. Geet is seated in the living room with tears swimming in her eyes and thinking about all happening in past few hours..

Arjun walks in with a file Maan left behind in his hand…. He looks at Geet sitting alone and walks near her.. He says excuse me I am Arjun.. Geet is deep in her painful thoughts with eyes flooding with tears. She looks up with her tear stain face. Arjun looks at her and asks what happened you look troubled. Geet quickly gets up and wipes her tears.. Arjun folds his hands across his chest and says my common sense tells me that there is definitely something wrong when one sweet girl sitting alone like this is crying…. Did something happen? Geet takes controls herself and says no nothing happen.

By the way whom do you want to see? Arjun sweetly says this is a nice way to avoid the topic as to ask another question. He then adds now do not ask me how come I know all these tricks.. Geet just stands there nervously.. Arjun puts the file on the table…. He then looks at Geet with folded hands saying I am a wedding planner. It is my job to meet people and understand their need. Geet looks at him. Arjun adds with comforting smile.. I help making relations so I understand relations very well.. Geet looks at him with little ease.

Arjun says and right now I can read in your eyes that your are upset about some kind of relations.. Geet averts her eyes.. but then looks at him saying oh nothing like that. But Arjun is persistent and shakes his head negatively saying.. do not hesitate to talk about it when you are too much burden with those thoughts specially when there is a stranger in front of you. I do not know about tomorrow whether we will meet again or not but right now I am the stranger to you.

Geet looks at him.. He says with a tender smile. Do not worry, what ever you will tell me will not go anywhere in fact you will feel better. His assured smile makes Geet empty her inner struggles.. She says it is better people stay stranger to me. As when ever I try to go near somebody it seem they go farther away from me.. Geet says tearfully first my family left me.. then my friends.. Arjun was standing at the back and listens Geet’s tearful explanation..

I am not sure how to decipher his expressions but right now it looks very sympathetic.. as if the sadness of Geet touches him too…. Geet still adds tearfully and now I am afraid to loose the man I want to marry and the dreams I have with him.. If something like that happen then I will die without him…. Arjun takes a deep sigh and walks near Geet with his hands in his pocket. He comes in front of Geet and says do know from where this fear arises in you.. because you keep on looking back at your past.. You are still stuck in your past. I believe that your life may have given you really hardship and difficulties but it does not mean that you should be afraid of it..

He adds.. now tell me one thing.. who told you that whatever happened in your life may happen again? No one did right? He explains.. look there are 12 months in a year. Do those months have the same weather? No right? Part 3 Geet seriously listening to his reasoning…. He says there will be new thing there will be sunshine.. He says look sitting here and crying for a man you love has no meaning. Geet 21 March 2020 Update

Fight for your love. Tell him what is in your heart and believe me all things will be well with you.. He then softly smiles at Geet giving her assurance of all will be well. Geet looks at him and a slow smile comes on her tear stained face she softly tells him thank you. Arjun just give her smile.. Geet feels much better now and was about to walk away but then she turns and asks Arjun saying oh I forgot to ask you whom you wanted to see.

Arjun lifts the file frorm table and says oh I wanted to meet Anwesha as few of her things were left with me. Geet says ok I will go and look for Annie meanwhile please wait here. Geet is walking near dining area mumbling where is Annie? She is not even in her room where she could be? Annie is standing near dining table dressed in Salwar suit!!! Hmmm f irst Indian outfit with a western touch.. Geet looks at her standing there and walks near her. Geet 21 March 2020 Update 

She says haltingly Annie there is someone.. but before she completes the sentence Annie blurs out that she wanted to talk to her.. the same time as Geet did.. Both of them smiles at that.. Then they says the same thing.. let me go first please.. then smiles some more.. breaking the ice between them.. Annie says but not here…. please come with me outside saying she holds Geet’s hand and leads her out.. Geet says but annie where are we going and there is so much darkness here. Annie leaves her in the middle of the floor and says hold on for a second Geet…. and goes to switch on the light.. The sudden sound of drums startles Geet.

And with the flooding light she looks at door and sees her office co-worker dressed up with turbans and with the sound of drums dancing bhangada.. She looks at all of them with surprise and feels happy. From behind them Maan walks in and stands with a smile looking at Geet with folded arms across his chest.. Slowly Annie walks near Geet and looks at her brother with a smile. Geet turns to Annie and says Annie what is happening here?? Annie says with a sheepish smile that she has called every one as she couldn’t find a better way to offer her apology. Annie says.. I am so sorry Geet.

Without knowing all the details and without thinking I have hurt you so badly. Please forgive me. Geet looks at Annie’s sincere face. Annie says with a smile saying you used to say that you do not have family.. Look there you have such a big family.. she adds these all are our family.. All the girls from your maternal side and all the boys from your dad’s side. Geet looks at Maan who was standing at the door lovingly looking at Geet… she smiles at him through her tears.. Annie says and may I add something? I am also in the bridal party.

Geet happily looks at her and says I do not know about anybody else but I know that I have found a sister in you who will always support me isn’t that? Annie happily nods her head and comes forward and hugs Geet lovingly. Annie looks at her brother and gives him thumbs up sign. Maan just stands there at the door and sees his two favorite ladies hugging each other. Geet breaks the embrace and says you did not need to do so much. You could have just hugged me once and all could have been resolved.

Annie says oh I just called all of these people to ask your forgiveness but Maanbhai gave me this idea.. If today you have this smile on your face it is all due to Maanbhai.. Geet looks at Maan across the room and smiles at him. Maan smiles back. She slowly nodes her head and acknowledges his efforts. Maan just smiles at her. The bhangada party stops dancing and adi says now what next Romeo? Annie says ok we will talk about the sangeet later on but could we just do the decoration first? All says yes and walk away with Annie..

Maan and Geet are walking toward each other and dadima walks in asking about the noise of drums and music.. But before Maan or Geet answer.. Maan’s gaze falls on Arjun who was walking toward them.. He exclaims little irately .. You!!! What are you doing here. Geet looks at upset Maan in surprise and then turns to look at approaching Arjun.. Geet 21 March 2020 Update 

Part 4

She says with a smile oh I am sorry.. I totally forgot that you were waiting.. she further adds I am really sorry…. Dadima also says with a surprise.. Arjun? Geet looks at dadima.. Maan says little heatedly Geet do you know who he is. Geet says with a smile yes our wedding planner. As now we are not working with him, he came to give some files back to Annie.. then she adds innocently.. may I say something. No one can do better arrangement for our wedding then him..

Maan angrily walks toward Geet and says no Geet, I have already made my decision and it is that he will not plan our wedding. Geet walks near Maan and says. Maan I believe that you must have taken your decision with lots of consideration but may I ask why we do not want to work with him. Dadima looks little worried.. Geet tells Maan that when she was sitting alone being sad he came and helped her.

Maan quickly cuts her off and says what ever he did was not to help you but with his hidden agenda. Then looking steadily at Geet Maan tells her Geet, he is NT’s brother. Geet gets the shock and turns to look at Arjun and says little angrily.. You did not tell me that fact. Arjun takes few step forward and tells her that he did not know who she was.

He only came to know today that she is the one who is getting married to Maan. He adds that he knows that due to NT your family has many complications and that is why he is leaving this contract. He looks at Maan and adds that due to that reason he does not want to be looked at with distrust. Maan folds his hands across his chest.. but Arjun looks directly at him and addresses him saying and Maan after this I will not defend myself. I just came to give this file back. Then he addresses Geet saying..

Geet I would like to ask you forgiveness as because of me you had to remember your past. Maan squints his eyes at Arjun. Arjun tells Geet that unknowingly he became the reason to bring back her past which he told her to forget. He then steadily looks at Geet for few more seconds and turns to leave. Suddenly Geet says Stop Arjun.. Maan unfolds his hands and comes near Geet saying Geet did you forget how badly NT hurt you. He is the brother of same NT.. Geet says yes, I know. I can never forget that nor will I ever forgive NT.. Arjun hears that little rigidly.. Geet adds but it does not mean that we will doubt every person associated with her.

Maan is still not convince and still looks at Geet with flaring nostrils and anger at the situation. He says Geet…. but as usual Geet cuts him off saying please listen to me first.. you and Dev also are brothers but there is a vast difference between you two.. dadima hears that.. Geet continues saying with what Dev did to me I should never have trusted you. If I think like you do right now then I would be thinking that one day you will also leave me and go.. Maan looks at her and dadima too.. (OMG Geet you are totally insane with this argument…. I hope you will not learn it hard way…. that you should have trusted Maan’s instinct….

) Dadima comes forward and tells Maan Geet is right.. Arjun turns and looks at this trio.. Dadima says all the fingers are not equal and why do you forget that this morning Arjun saved my life too. Geet looks at Arjun feeling that he is a nice person.. Dadima tells Maan that he is very honest person. Please give him one chance.. Geet further argues her point saying Maan you always evaluate everyone with the eyes of Truth. So would it be fair to compare Arjun with NT? Geet says without knowing Arjun we cannot judge him..

Geet 21 March 2020 Update  ends as Maan still looks at Arjun with piercing eyes.. and says if you both want it that way then it’s ok but let me tell you something that I am not at all pleased with your decision.. and he leaves the corridor with angry stride.. Geet is little worried and calls him.. Maan!! but he just goes away from there throwing angry stare at Arjun. Arjun was not that pleased with all these. Geet looks at Dadima and asks with her eyes should we proceed. Dadima nods her head & gives her consent and Geet looks at Arjun and smiles. Arjun smiles back… Geet 21 March 2020 Update

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Game of Love 15 August 2020 Update




Game of Love 15 August 2020 Update, Game of Love 15 August 2020 Update, Premium News24

Game of Love 15 August 2020 Update  – The landlady threatens of filing a police complaint. Anika says no, I m just asking for a day’s time. Sahil’s mum scolds her and says I won’t spare you if anything happens to my son. Anika says just give me one day time, I will pay all your money. The lady says fine, I will give you time, you have to do what you said, fall in my feet and apologize.

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Game of Love 15 August 2020 Update  – Sahil’s mum asks her to fall in the lady’s feet and apologize before she changes her mind. Gauri says no, don’t do this, we will manage, don’t listen to her. Anika says enough, nothing is imp than my family, I m willing to fall in her feet if you will get a roof this way. Gauri shouts no. Anika bends down. Sahi gets dizzy and falls. Gauri and Anika get shocked. They shout Sahil and hold him.

Sahil’s mum asks what happened to my son. Anika lifts Sahil and shouts is there any doctor here, please check my brother, doctor…. Gauri says the clinic must be open, we shall take him there. They leave. The lady says listen, take your stuff today itself, else I will sell it tomorrow. Sahil’s mum cries.

Doctor says I gave him injection, he will get fine, his immunity is low, if he gets drenched in rain again, he may suffer from pneumonia, he won’t be able to fight with it. Anika says your sister won’t let anything happen to you, I will make everything fine.

Anika says Gauri, I don’t understand, if Nikhil was here, he would have helped. She calls someone and says I need some money, my brother is sick, I will return all the money, you may take interest as well, please lend me some money. Priyanka comes there. Sahil’s mum asks who is she. Anika says you… Priyanka says I went to your home and found out that you are no longer living there, then someone told me that you are here, what’s all this.

Anika says actually I couldn’t pay rent to the landlady so… Priyanka says so she has ousted you, tell me the amount, I will give you. Anika says you thought to help me, that is more than enough for me, thanks, we are not used to borrowing money. Sahil’s mum says shut up. Gauri asks her to be quiet. Priyanka says I came to offer job, I told you to see my marriage arrangements, I want you to be my wedding planner. Anika recalls Shivaye and says I can’t take up this job, thanks.

Priyanka asks but why. Anika says we have suddenly got into this problem, I need to find a place to stay and then I will be able to think of work. Priyanka asks where will you stay. Gauri says its a big city, we will manage. Priyanka says till you find the place, you can live with us, our driver Mohan has just vacated his quarter, you can live there, please don’t refuse, you saved my life, I will do anything to help you, I would love to help. Anika says it was my duty to save your life, it was my mistake.

Priyanka says no, don’t blame yourself, come with me, please. Anika says Priyanka, but what about your family, I don’t think they will be okay with this. Priyanka says I will call Shivaye and ask. She calls Shivaye. He asks are you okay. She says yes, my friend doesn’t have a place to stay, can we allow her to stay in Mohan’s quarters. He says of course, do anything you want, take care. She says thanks, you are the best. She ends call and says he has no issues, come with me now.

Anika recalls doctor’s words and thinks fate is playing a game with me, Sahil is not well, we don’t have a house, I m jobless and got this chance, but how can I live in that man’s house. She says I have a question, we will only stay in your driver’s quarter right. Priyanka says yes. Anika thinks it means I won’t have to face that man, then I will find another place to stay in a few days. Dadi says she took so long, she should have come by now. Old Dadi comes and hugs.

New Dadi asks what happened. Dadi hugs her and says there are many bad memories associated with this house, I lost my Shakti here, I have been running away, be it to an ashram or Tej-Jhanvi’s house, I had to return as its Shivaye’s marriage. New Dadi says really, I can take up your responsibilities, but not your place, its your upbringing that ShivOmru, they gave me the same love and respect, they missed you a lot but they never said it. Omru come and hug Dadi.

Dadi blesses them. Rudra jokes. Om says we missed you a lot. She says I missed you fools too. Shivaye comes and touches her feet. Dadi hugs him. She says you agreed to marry suddenly. New Dadi says just I know how I convinced him. Dadi says he is ready now. He says sorry, I know you are here, but I have imp work, I will finish it and will be back soon. He goes.

Rudra asks did you get anything from London. Dadi jokes and hugs him. Priyanka gets Anika and others. Anika says I felt we would stay in quarter. Priyanka says yes, Mohan used to stay in outhouse. Anika wishes she doesn’t face Shivaye.

Sahil’s mum asks is this a house or a palace. Priyanka asks what happened. Anika says I was expecting the quarter to be away from home. Dadi asks Priyanka who are they. Priyanka says she is my new friend Anika, she saved my life. Dadi blesses Anika. Priyanka says she is a wedding planner also, she will handle all the arrangements of my marriage. Dadi says Shivaye will decide it.

Priyanka says let him plan his own wedding, I will plan mine, Anika will handle all arrangements, they will stay here until the wedding is over. Dadi asks what do you mean. Priyanka says they had a small problem, so I got them here, they will stay in Mohan’s quarter, I asked Shivaye. Sh asks Anika to come and see the outhouse. Anika hanks Dadi for helping them. Sahil’s mum says this place is cooler than heaven, what an amazing house…..

Its night, Sahil’s mum says thank God, we got a place to live. Anika says its time to give medicines to Sahil. Gauri says I will find the medicine. Light goes. Sahil’s mum asks her to go and see what happened. Anika says we shall wait for some time. Sahil’s mum says at least, get a candle. Gauri says I will get it. Anika says wait, I will get. She goes. Shivaye comes home. Khanna sees Anika and says what is she doing here, it will be a big problem if Shivaye sees her. He sees Shivaye coming. Anika turns.

Shivaye stops. She thinks where is the fuse box. She goes. He turns. Khanna says you.. Shivaye asks was anyone here. Khanna says no. Shivaye says why do I feel someone was here. Anika restores the lights. Sahil’s mum shouts happily.

Shivaye asks what’s this sound. Khanna thinks its Anika’s aunt, it means even they are here. He says no I didn’t hear any voice. Shivaye says it came from outhouse, is there anyone. Khanna says Mohan is gone. Dadi says Priyanka’s friend’s family has come to live there. Shivaye says oh yes, Priyanka told me, it must be them, Khanna top up the car fuel.

Game of Love 15 August 2020 Update ends as Dadi asks him to freshen up and come for dinner. Anika says I didn’t want to come here, but Sahil’s condition would have got worse, so I had to come, Priyanka said that we will stay in her driver’s quarter, I found that that their driver is… Khanna says if Shivaye comes to know, it will be a big problem, you know what happened in hospital. She recalls and says don’t worry, I won’t come before Shivaye, I will leave in the morning.

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Game of Love 14 August 2020 Update – Priyanka Meets Anika




Game of Love 14 August 2020 Update, Game of Love 14 August 2020 Update – Priyanka Meets Anika, Premium News24
Game of Love 14 August 2020 Update StarLife

Game of Love 14 August 2020 Update starts as Shivaye gives the chunri to Dadi. Dadi makes Tia wear the chunri and does rituals. Everyone showers flowers on Shivaye and Tia. Shivaye looks at Anika. Rudra observes their staring. He says guys, I have a question, the chunri fell on that day, so technically their roka is done. Om asks him to get quiet.

PREVIOUS: Game of Love 13 August 2020 Update

Priyanka asks will you stop using your brain, if you have it. Rudra says think anything you want, what was meant to happen has happened, as Dadi says, what’s destined to happen will take place. Khanna asks what are you doing here. Anika says I came to take file, that job is still available, they asked me to get file.Dadi says Shivaye…. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Rudra asks do you remember that song. Om says yes, Mehfil me baar baar…..

Rudra says you have a good voice, same thing is happening in Roka. Om says thanks, I can see. He shouts Shivaye. Shivaye turns. Dadi says take this and give to Tia. He hands over the jewelry to Tia. Khanna gives the file to Anika. Anika hanks him and goes. She turns and sees Shivaye. Dadi says better late than never, Shivaye got his bride. Rudra and Om sing Mud mud ke na dekh…..and smile. Anika leaves. Shivaye looks at them.

Gauri and Sahil play and argue. Anika comes and smiles seeing them. Gauri asks how was your day. Anika says it was good, aunt will scold us seeing the mess. She turns to tie hair and chunri bobble falls down. Gauri says this is not of your suit, this is of some costly dupatta. Anika recalls the moment and says yes, roka has happened. Gauri asks what, your roka happened. Sahil says my life got spoiled, my sister’s roka happened and I didn’t even know. Gauri and Sahil tease her. Anika says you are crazy and dramatic, when did I say my roka has happened.

Gauri asks whose roka was it. Anika says Shivaye, I mean Mr. Oberoi, Khanna works there, I went there to take my life, roka chunri fell on my head by mistake. Gauri and Sahil sing chunari chunari… and dance around Anika. Gauri makes Anika wear the chunri. Omru also dance around Shivaye. Shivaye throws the chunri away. Anika says stop it. Shivaye says go from here. Omru dance and leave. Gauri and Sahil leave.

Its morning, Priyanka asks did you call me. Shivaye says yes, sit, look at this, tell me which design you like and I will order. She likes the designs and says this looks nice. He says okay I will order. She says this is also nice. He says we will order this too. She asks will you order ten rings if I like. He says I can buy the entire world for you. She hugs him and asks and for yourself? He asks what do you mean. She asks did you choose ring for Tia. He says Dadi will do it. She asks are you happy with this marriage. He says I m very happy, my younger sister is also getting married, when is Junior kapoor coming to India. She asks did Tia not tell you.

Shivaye say she said you know about him more. She says Tia is so sweet, I m happy you are marrying her, she will take good care of you, I can go London without any tension now, Tia will take my place in this house. He says nobody can take your place neither in this house nor in my heart, your in laws stay so far, sister belongs to her in laws after marriage, her family doesn’t have any right on her, will you also get away. She hugs him and says don’t say such things, don’t make me senti. He says okay, I m sorry. She says at least learn to hug before my bidaai.

He says I m trying. Anika gets a call. She says its from Shyamali’s office, I wish I get the job. She answers the call and says okay, please let me know if there is any other vacancy Gauri comes and asks what happened. Anika says nothing. Gauri says there is something, did you fight with Nikhil. Anika says no problem is bigger than my courage. Gauri says I know, you share your happiness with us, share duties too. Anika says duties are just for elders, younger ones have only rights, if I start to burden you with all my problems, I would feel I m not fulfill my duty, just I have the right to worry in this house.

Gauri hugs her and says you are more like a mother for me. Anika recalls Sahil’s mum’s words. Gauri says I don’t know what’s troubling you, I know your problems will fade away soon. They smile. Gauri says maybe your fate is knocking the door. Priyanka comes. Gauri greets her and goes. Anika asks you? Priyanka says I m Priyanka, you are wedding planner right. Anika says yes, how do you know. Priyanka says I have seen your file, you had also come to our house during my brother’s roka, remember. Anika recalls Shivaye.

She says yes, his roka was happening. Priyanka says I think that’s the file, I had shortlisted some of your designs, but you got the file home, so I got your address from Khanna and came here, I liked the simplicity in your designs. Anika asks really. Priyanka says yes, else I would have not come here, can you give me that file so that I can show it to my brother, I want you to do all the arrangements of my marriage. Anika says sure, come inside, sit here.

Priyanka says its fine, can I take this file, I shall leave. Anika says yes, wait you have come for the first time, you won’t go without having food, lucky are those who have guests at home, I will make dosa and get it, I make dosa at my stall, just sit. Anika makes the dosa. She grinds some cashews and sprinkles on it. She serves dosa to Priyanka. Priyanka asks for spoon or fork.

Anika says dosa can be enjoyed best by eating with hands, have it and see, its hot and delicious. Priyanka eats it and says its nice. She feels unwell and falls back. Anika gets shocked and asks her to get up, what happened. She gets some water and sprinkles on her. She says what do I do now….

Anika asks what do I do now, I will call her family. She finds Priyanka’s phone locked. She calls Khanna from her own phone. She says he is not answering, what to do, voice message… She messages… something has happened to Priyanka, I m taking her to municipal hospital, please inform her family. Anika rushes her to hospital and asks where is the doctor. The man asks her to stand in the line.

Doctor comes. She says its an emergency, just check her. He says its hospital rules, get in line, there are other patients too. She stops him and says its your duty to save patient’s life, rules are not imp than duty, you are a doctor, other patients may surely be in pain if their treatment is delayed, but if her treatment is delayed, she may lose life. Priyanka hears her. Doctor says fine, admit her in ward, you pay the fees. Anika says fees….. Nurse asks for 500rs, admission fees. Anika thinks this is my emergency fund, I have nothing, my life’s problems aren’t bigger than Priyanka’s life. She pays the money.

Shivaye reaches the hospital with Khanna and guards. Doctor says don’t worry, she is out of danger now. Anika thanks him. Shivaye comes to her. She gets shocked. He asks what did you do to my sister. She says I didn’t do anything, she ate the dosa and suddenly…. He asks what did you feed her. She says dosa. He asks what did you add in it, any nuts. She recalls and says yes, I had added cashew nuts. He asks what, don’t you know that Priyanka is allergic to cashews.

She says sorry, I didn’t know. He asks why did you feed her. She says she came to my house for the first time. He says and you got her sick and hospitalized, why did she come to your house. He walks to her. She gets back and cries. She says because of some work. He says I should have known, people like you can go to any extent to get their work done, you did this to get your work done. She says its nothing like that. He asks why did you come to your home. She gets a call and disconnects. She says she came to take designs. He asks which designs. Her phone rings again.

She says I gave a file for wedding planning, Priyanka liked my designs. He throws her phone. The phone hits the wall and flies back. It hits her forehead. She gets hurt. He says when I m talking, look at me and talk, nobody looks away when Shivaye is talking. She says my phone…. and picks the broken pieces. He steps on the phone. She cries.

Shivaye asks don’t you have manners, maybe your mum didn’t teach you or maybe she was ill mannered too. She says wait, I think even your mum is ill mannered, else she would have surely taught you how to talk to a girl. He asks what did you say and walks to her. He shouts and hits on the glass behind her. She covers her face and gets tensed. The blood from her forehead falls down. The blood from his hand wound falls on the same spot. He says you got saved as I don’t raise hand on women, if any man said this same thing to me, I would have broken his face, you are lucky that this is our last meeting. He leaves.

Its morning, Priyanka wakes up and sees Shivaye sitting beside. She says Bhaiya… He wakes up and asks are you fine, I hope you don’t have fever, should I call the doctor. She says I m fine. He asks do you want anything. She asks where is Anika. He asks who. She says the one who took me to hospital. He recalls and says you fell sick because of her. She says no, she has saved my life, it was not her fault. He says you would have lost your life, she has fed you dosa which had cashews.

She says no, she would have not known that I m allergic to cashews, I just know that she took me to the doctor with difficulty and she even fought with the doctor for my sake, you know my condition would have got worse, hadn’t I got treatment on time, please call her, I want to thank her. He recalls Anika. He says you just got conscious, you must rest, no need to thank that girl, you don’t know such people, they pretend to be good, you are good at heart and think the world is like you. She says you think everyone are the same, I know you know things better than me, you are misunderstanding Anika, I doubt that she hardly had money to pay the bill.

He gets a call. He says I won’t come in board meeting today. She says its okay, I m fine, don’t ignore work, I will feel bad, board meetings are so imp. He says not more than you. She hugs him. She says I m fine now, go to office and there are everyone to take care of me, look at me, I m okay. He says okay. She makes him hug well. He asks will you leave me now, take care, call me if you need anything, don’t hug me now. She smiles. He goes.

Anika is on the way. It rains. The lady asks how are you, where is your umbrella. Anika says I m fine. The lady asks did you get job. Anika signs no. The lady asks her to be strong. Anika thinks I need money to run the house, Sahil and Gauri are my responsibilities, how will I fulfill my responsibilities without a job, I need a job. Gauri shouts on the men and asks them to leave Sahil.

Sahil’s mum says my son has fever, he will get more sick if he gets drenched in water. She requests the landlord. The lady says I don’t care, vacate the house. The goons throw the things outside. Sahil falls. Gauri shouts Sahil. Anika comes towards the house. Sahil’s mum says stop it, don’t do this, give me some more time. The lady says its three months now, you aren’t paying the rent, Anika had told that that she will pay all the money, but even she is missing now. Sahil’s mum says she made a false promise and we are paying for it. The goons push Gauri and Sahil.

Anika reaches there and gets shocked. She shouts Sahil… and runs to them, throwing her purse away. Anika covers up Sahil, getting a plastic sheet. Sahil’s mum scolds Anika. Anika hugs Sahil. He cries. Anika says don’t worry, I will talk to them. Sahil’s mum says you always have 500rs, emergency fund, hand me the money, we could at least spend a day here if we give that to them.

Game of Love 14 August 2020 Update ends as Anika says I don’t have it, I gave it to someone. Sahil’s mum taunts her and says beggars accept money, they don’t give away money. Anika says calm down, I will talk. She says I couldn’t keep my promise, I will return all the money, give me one day time. The lady says I have accommodated you all for three months without rent, but not anymore, get out from here.

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Game of Love 13 August 2020 Update




Game of Love 13 August 2020 Update, Game of Love 13 August 2020 Update, Premium News24

Game of Love 13 August 2020 Update StarLife

Game of Love 13 August 2020 Update starts as Shivaye gets down his car. Anika buys flowers. Nikhil says I will wait, I think I left wallet in scooter dicky, I will get it. Anika says its fine if you pay or I pay for it. She pays the money. He says I got an urgent call and goes. Anika and Shivaye reach the staircase. Mihir’s words play…. along with Tu Jaane na song. Anika’s flowers fall down. She sits to pick the basket.

Game of Love 13 August 2020 Update: Shivaye goes over the stairs. Anika holds her dupatta, that flies in air. They are close. Shivaye stops for a moment. He turns to see. She goes. Guards move the crowd away. Shivaye goes inside the temple, while the queue is formed aside. Pandit says sorry, your Dadi asked me strictly and I told her about you willingly getting late mahurat. Shivaye asks about the rasam.

Pandit tells him. Anika asks are you still here. Nikhil says what shall I do, a rich VIP has come for visit. Anika says rich and poor are for the world, not for Lord, everyone is equal for Lord. The guard stops her and says you can’t go in, Sir is a VIP. She calls out to Shivaye and says I m talking to you. Pandit asks what are you doing. She says everyone is standing here in line, how can you allow him inside, he doesn’t care, if he is rich, why doesn’t he make a personal temple for himself.

Shivaye opens eyes and turns to see. She goes. He asks who was that girl giving lecture. Pandit says let it be. Shivaye asks where is she. Nikhil asks Anika is she mad to get into a fight with a rich man. Anika says I was saying truth, there is nothing imp than truth.

Nikhil says I gave chadava to pandit, he will keep it, come with me. Shivaye asks where is she. He calls her out. She stops and says why do I feel that this voice is familiar. She turns to see. Tia comes in between. Nikhil asks her to come. Shivaye asks you here. Tia says yes, is ritual over, great, are you finding someone. He says no, a girl’s voice, nothing. Anika says wait, I don’t think I should leave without darshan. Nikhil says fine, but don’t do the same thing again.

Tia and Shivaye pass by Anika and Nikhil. Tia’s phone falls. Nikhil picks it and gives it to her. Shivaye and Anika are too close. They turn towards each other. Tia and Nikhil get up and block their line of sight. Shivaye and Anika go different ways. Mil ke bhi…..plays….. Shivaye turns to see Anika. Anika stops and goes upstairs.

Dadi comes to Shivaye and asks are you going somewhere. He says I have imp meeting and then I have to go to airport. She says I have a surprise for you. Priyanka hugs Shivaye and says not just a surprise, but a beautiful surprise. He says Priyanka….. She smiles and says I had to surprise you and took morning flight. He says you get air sickness, did you take precautionary medicines before take off. She says yes. He says show me your face. He sees her and holds her face.

She asks did you see my face, can I hug you, when will you learn to hug. He says oh my neck…. Dadi tell her. Dadi says she has come and got brightness at home, she will help me in roka arrangements. Priyanka asks how did he get ready for marriage.

Dadi says don’t start again, he runs away from marriage. Priyanka says yes, how did you do this miracle. Dadi says because of you, I told him that if he married, then your marriage and bidaai will happen. Priyanka says so sweet, you made a big sacrifice for me. He says no, it was for me, I can’t tolerate you forever. Dadi says he will cry a lot on your bidaai. Shivaye cries and turns away.

Priyanka looks at him. Dadi says I just said and he got tearful eyed. He says I didn’t know when did you grow up. Priyanka says I won’t go, I will stay here with you. Dadi says she wants to get Ghar Jamai.

Nikhil tries to kick start his bike. He stops Anika. He asks how was your interview. She says like always, my ideas sounded good to them, but they gave job to their nephew, why did they keep interview, they wasted my time, I had so much hopes, how will I manage everything, if I don’t pay rent, landlord will make us out, if I don’t pay Gauri’s fees, her year will go waste and I have to get Sahil’s operation done too. He says we will find some way, I have to go in a meeting, do you have 100rs, my scooty isn’t starting, I forgot my wallet at home. She looks into her purse and says its there. He takes money and goes.

Khanna says give me your file. She says Khanna bhaiya you.. He says I heard everything, we will try where we have contacts, I will show your file to my boss, there are two marriages happening in that house, its his roka today, you will be needed there. She thanks him. He says you tie me Rakhi and regard me brother, then you thank me, when my boss sees your file, he will ask about you. Anika smiles.

Priyanka gives gifts to everyone. She says this suitcase is for Rudra, he gave a long list. Maid gets tea. Shivaye asks Priyanka to have tea. She waves hand while talking and touches the cup. The cup falls. Shivaye moves her away and gets his hand over her hand. Tea falls on his hand. She shouts for water. He dips his hand in the water jug and gets a relief. She cries seeing the burn mark on his hand.

Priyanka says you got your hand burnt to save me. Shivaye says so that you don’t get harmed. She asks what about your pain. He says I can tolerate any pain for you, I can’t tolerate to see tears in your eyes. She says really sorry, I m lucky to have a brother like you, you gave me so much love that I never missed mom and dad, I found them in you, I don’t even miss them now. He says don’t think about them, I m here to look after you always. Omru come and hug her.

Rudra says how are you, I m good, where is my gift. She says this shirt is for Om, that suitcase is for you. Om says suitcase is not your gift, the things loaded inside are for you. Anika says I didn’t get the job, what shall I do now. She gets a call and says yes I had come there, what, the job is still available, I will come and bring the file too, thanks. Shivaye sees Khanna and asks him to say. Khanna says there is a girl in my locality, actually….. Shivaye asks will you say today.

Khanna says there is a wedding at home, please check the file if you get time. He keeps the file and goes. Shivaye says Khanna is strange, what’s this file. Anika says its a miracle, I got a call from Shyamali Malhotra’s company, I should go, but Khanna has that file. Shivaye takes the file. Dadi comes. He keeps the file. Dadi shows the diamond set and says we have to give this to Tia on roka. He says it will be good. She says I know you are marrying for my happiness, you don’t believe in love, but one day you will fall in true love, it will get tough for you to live without your love. Anika calls Khanna. She says he isn’t responding, I think I should go there to get the file.

Shivaye sees the file and reads name Anika…. Anika is on the way and sees a procession going on. Everyone chants Lord Shiva’s name. He says Anika…. Anika says Shivaye…….He says who is she, I have never heard of this name before. He sees Omru and says you…. Rudra says yes, its us, we will come in without knocking till you get married. Om takes Rudra along.

Dadi compliments Tia and blesses her. Priyanka hugs Tia. Dadi says I m so happy that you are becoming a part of Shivaye’s life, I wanted to celebrate it in a grand way, but pandit gave mahurat on short notice, we couldn’t wait for your family. Priyanka says they are coming after two days, we will plan then. Dadi says I know why you are so happy about it. Priyanka gets shy. ShivOmru come downstairs. Shivaye gets a call and goes. Omru go ahead. The doors open. Anika comes there. Omru dance with Dadi and Priyanka. Main tenu samjhawan….plays…….. Shivaye and Anika are close. He ends the call and turns to see. She goes.

Anika sees the family. Shivaye comes there. Dadi asks where are the flowers. Khanna goes to get. Anika calls out Khanna. Shivaye walks after Anika. She goes away. Omru take Shivaye for dance. Dadi says roka mahurat will get over, Priyanka get the chunri. She makes Shivaye sit with Tia.

Dadi says if your mum was alive, she would have performed these rituals, if Shakti was here, he would have been much glad, but Lord didn’t write this day in their fate. She cries. Rudra says why are you getting senti, you are not doing Shivaye’s bidaai. Dadi says he has said a right thing, occasions are meant to be celebrated. Priyanka gets chunri. Rudra says red dupoatta, this won’t match. Om says its roka, not Tia’s clothes.

Dadi says red color signifies marriage, so roka chunri is red in color, Shivaye is Tia’s Suhaag now. Anika goes after Khanna. Dadi says this chunri is of Shivaye’s name which will only be adorned by his wife. Anika says where did he go. Khanna takes flowers. Dadi takes the chunri. The chunri flies far away by the wind. Anika comes there. The chunri falls on her. Rudra says that’s a wrong connection, Shivaye’s name chunri on someone else’s head. Om asks him to be quiet.

Game of Love 13 August 2020 Update ends as Anika tries to remove the chunri. Kaise bataye…..plays…. Shivaye goes to Anika and lifts the veil. Anika’s face reflects in his eyes. Everyone looks on. He pulls the chunri. He turns and looks at her. Tu jaane na….plays…. He goes.

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