Heart-touching: Rare condition turns boy’s skin into ‘tree’


A little boy who suffers from an extremely rare condition that makes his hands and feet look like they’re turning into trees, has left doctors stunned.

The body of seven-year-old Ripon Sarker is covered in scaly warts because he suffers from the condition known as ‘epidermodysplasia verruciformis’.

Ripon, who is from Bangladesh, was only admitted to hospital for the first time this month because his family couldn’t afford treatment.

The young boy cannot walk or eat by himself because of his tree-like features – but doctors have said they are hopeful that his hands and feet are operable as his fingers and toes and can still be identified, according to Reditt.

Ripon’s symptoms match the ones of 26-year-old Abul Bajander – dubbed ‘ tree man ‘ – who also has the same condition and was recently operated.

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