Hospital Shooting: Doctor shot dead by a 72-yr-old patient

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A 55-year-old doctor has been shot dead by a 72-year-old gunman, who opened fire inside a medical clinic in Berlin before turning the gun on himself.

Reports suggest the shooter was a patient at the hospital and that the murder took place during a consultation on the fourth floor of the building.

The two were alone in a private room of the hospital when the elderly patient pulled out a handgun and began offloading rounds.

An anti-terrorist unit was deployed to the clinic at Charité University’s Benjamin Franklin campus, which is one of Europe’s largest hospitals.

20 emergency vehicles also arrived on the site.

The main building of the compound has been evacuated after witnesses reportedly heard several shots.

Witnesses heard the shots and the building was evacuated

The 55-year-old doctor, who was a father of two, was taken to an intensive care unit with critical injuries but died less than two hours later, according to Berlin’s police department.

Police have now released a statement saying the situation is under control after sealing off the area.

They confirmed “there is no danger”.

Despite calling in anti-terror forces, authorities have suggested terrorism was not the reason for the attack.

Bild reports the doctor is a senior dental surgeon and the the shooter was a former patient.

The shooting took place at 11:00am in the Steglitz district, located in the southwest region of the city.

Officials are still investigating the the circumstances of the shooter and a motive is yet to be revealed.

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