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Indian girl abducts her ex at gunpoint during his wedding to new lover


A spurned Indian girlfriend gave new meaning to the saying ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’ Her ex Ashok Yadav, left her for another woman but she didn’t let the matter slide. He was happily tying the knot with his new love when his former flame burst in with six armed men, bundled him into the back of a waiting car and sped away as hundreds of guests watched on in horror.

Ashok and the aggrieved woman were in a relationship before breaking it off early last year after which his patents set him up with another woman and they got engaged.

When the ex-lover heard he was getting married, she pleaded with him repeatedly not to go through with it and even tried to get his parents to call it off, according to police.  A police official involved in the investigation told said: ‘The armed men took Ashok at gunpoint and threatened him to accompany them.
‘After bundling him on the rear seat of a car, they sped away.’ Police located him 24hrs after he was abducted.  A complaint is yet to be filed.


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