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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Instruction – An Antidote To Frustration

SCRIPTURE: He who scorns instruction will pay for it, but he who respects a command is rewarded. – Proverbs 13:13

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Instruction arms a person against frustration. If you cannot be instructed, you cannot be assisted..

Instruction simply means detailed information on how something should be done.

It is instruction that prevents frustration and failure in life and destiny. At times, people fail examinations not necessarily because of their ignorance of the answer but because of their failure to follow the instructions of the examination. Instruction arms a person against frustration and destruction. That is why it is said, ‘To be forewarned is to be forearmed’

Obedience to Divine instructions has the potency of delivering a person from aimless existence. Moses would have continued wandering through life but for the Divine instruction he received from God to return to Egypt and sink the Pharaoh he fled from (Exodus 3:10).

There are many children of God today who are frustrated and stagnated on the frequency of their bankruptcy of obedience to Divine instructions.
It is not the knowing of instruction that produces result but the obedience of same. Those who know what to do and do what they know shift in levels.

I prophesy to you the grace to obey instructions that will change your levels in Jesus’ Name.

Remember this: Instruction arms a person against frustration. If you cannot be instructed, you cannot be assisted.

1. Locate a mentor with positive character and principles in the areas of your interest that can guide you through in those areas.
2. Determine to be humble to learn; never be too big to learn.


PRAYER: LORD, I thank You for Your Word to me today. Give me a humble and teachable spirit, O LORD, in Jesus’ Name.

DAILY READING: 2 Chronicles 35:1 to 36:23, 1 Corinthians 1:1 to 17, Psalm 27:1 to 6, Proverbs 20:20 to 21.

QUOTE: There is no success without secrets. Culled from 365 WISDOM CAPSULES by Dr Paul Enenche.

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