Jimmy Fallon Mocks Donald Trump’s Voice Changing With 3 Hilarious Impressions


Donald Trump stopped by ‘The Tonight Show’ Sept. 15 and it was the perfect chance for Jimmy Fallon to show off his killer impressions of the candidate right to his face. You’ve got to check out his three hilarious vocal changes that he’s noticed the Republican presidential nominee go through.

Jimmy Fallon, 41, wasn’t about to let a real life encounter with Donald Trump stop him poking fun at his own uproarious impersonation of Republican presidential nominee. He’s been killing it with his amazing version of the Donald in skit after skit during 2016, and since he had the tycoon on his sofa, he decided to point out how he’s had to change up his routines thanks to the candidate’s changing vocal tones.

“I’ve noticed your voice changing, because I hate to break it to you, but I’ve done an impression of you once or twice on the show and thank you for letting me do that,” he told Donald, who was quite complimentary of the job Jimmy’s done of skewering him. Then the host pointed out that, “When you first started running, your voice was very high,” and he elevated his voice to talk like Donald when he first started campaigning, saying “China”and other keyphrases.

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