Jose Mourinho scraps out Louis Van Gal football method in Old Trafford

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The Manchester United new boss has ordered the removal of video cameras at Carrington that let coaches highlight players’ errors later in front of team-mates, plus other changes.

Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United revolution has already earned him the nickname Mr Meticulous at their hi-tech Aon Training Complex, writes Steve Bates in the Sunday People .

Just a week into his reign, manager Mourinho has made his mark at Carrington­ with a series of ­changes ­designed to wipe out almost all trace of former boss Louis van Gaal .

The most significant step among a raft of new measures implemented by Mourinho has been the removal of the training-pitch cameras deployed by Van Gaal to track his stars during ­sessions.

The cameras, used for analysis by Van Gaal and his coaching team, were ­disliked by the players who saw them as a spying device, an intrusion and another unnecessary display of the Dutchman’s obsession with players adhering to his philosophy.

Footage from the cameras would occasionally be used in team meetings, which players eventually found tedious and a turn-off.

Mourinho has ordered them taken away, insisting to staff that he doesn’t need cameras to tell him what his own eyes can see.

The move has been instantly popular with the players, who have welcomed the new direction Mourinho is taking the first-team squad.

United stars are already relieved the former Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Porto boss is less reliant on the classroom-style approach favoured by Van Gaal.

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