The Kardashians have spent over 10 years on TV and are still cashing in big time! Read TMZ’s report below.

The Kardashians just re-signed with E! network and are pocketing $30 million a season … for 5 seasons, which comes to $150 million.

Sources familiar with the deal reeval that E! made an overall deal with the famous fam … in TV lingo, the Kardashians were re-signed for 5 cycles — each cycle is a season.

The contract is a package deal … E! is paying for all services rendered by the Kardashians. It’s a bump from their 2015 contract, in which they got $20 mil a cycle for 5 cycles — total $100 mil.

Our sources say the Kardashian deal is structured so that the family decides how to split up the money amongst themselves.

The deal takes the Kardashians into 2019.