Kumkum Bhagya 31 December 2019 Written Update


Kumkum Bhagya 31 December 2019 Written Update starts when Ranbir tells Rhea, I love you, imagining her to be Prachi. He hugs her and says I love you…Prachi. Rhea is shocked, opens her cupboard and checks for her pic in his cupboard and is shocked to see it on floor. She comes to Aaliya. Aaliya asks what happened and asks her to tell. Rhea says sorry and tells that she fell in love with Ranbir. Abhi hears them and smiles, and goes.

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Aaliya gets happy and tells that it is such a happy news. She asks why you are sad? Rhea tells that Ranbir loves Prachi and not her. Aaliya says this is impossible. Rhea says Ranbir said this to me thinking I am Prachi, he was imagining her and told that he loves her so much. Aaliya asks her not to cry and asks her not to be so emotional. She says everything will be fine. She asks her to give time till morning and tells that she will get her love back. She thinks she was in this pain since many years. She thinks Pragya snatched bhai from Tanu and she has gone mad. She thinks she won’t let this happen with Rhea.

Abhi comes to Purab and asks about the feeling of love. He tells that he heard Aaliya and Rhea’s conversation. He says Rhea told Aaliya that she is in love. He says when he fell in love with her, he didn’t know. Purab tells that Aaliya and Rhea share a good bond. Abhi says I thought she is a heart breaker but she fell in love with Ranbir. He tells that he had told Vikram that he will adopt Ranbir once. He asks if Ranbir likes her. He then thinks he likes her.

Aryan comes to Ranbir. Ranbir tells that he didn’t change his clothes yet. Aryan asks what she said and says you went to meet Prachi. He asks if she said yes/no and tells that you might have proposed her romantically. Ranbir tells that she was looking so beautiful, he felt like he saw such girl for the first time. Aryan asks him to say what she said. Ranbir says if you would have been there, then would have fell in love with her. Pallavi comes there. Ranbir tells that he will come in 5 mins. Aryan says I will get him out in 5 mins. Pallavi goes. Aryan asks Ranbir to come out.

Pragya recalls Prachi and Ranbir’s words. Prachi comes there and hugs her. Pragya asks about her thoughts. Prachi says she has decided and told that she don’t love Ranbir. Pragya asks him to think again and says this will make a new start in her life. Ranbir runs after Aryan and collides with Rhea. Rhea falls in his hands. She recalls his love confession. Aaliya sees them. Ranbir tells that he couldn’t meet her yesterday and tells that he don’t remember anything as he was drunk.

Meera brings black thread to Rhea to ward off evil eye. Rhea tells that evil eye is on her. Aaliya asks her to go. Pragya asks Prachi if she is sure. Prachi asks if she don’t love her and tells that if the mother don’t want her to stay in the house. Sarita behen comes there and asks her to think about Ranbir. She says it is not easy to save others risking own’s life. Prachi imagines her Jodi with Ranbir an teases her. Sarita behen tells that she would be behind him even if he loves someone else. Prachi is confused and goes.

Kumkum Bhagya 31 December 2019 Written Update ends when Rhea tells that he proposed me first, I never went to him. She says I could have bear if she was someone else, but not Prachi. She says she can’t bear. Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea says she needs to confront him. Aaliya asks if you think that you are doing timepass then you shall tell him, but if you truly love him then don’t say anything, and do as she says to get him.

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