muslims kill christians
A gang of Mulsim men kidnapped two young Christian siblings for their unwillingness to turn to Islam in a small village in Kasur, Pakistan.

According to the British Pakistani Christian Association, their relatives were repeatedly intimidated by the gang members who threatened them with guns, sticks and metal poles.

Last week the Muslims broke into their family mud house and took away Arif and his sister Jameel after they refused to accept Islam or die.

Both brother and sister were tortured and Arif was forced to listen to his sister’s screams as she was gang raped in a next room.

The next morning the 20-year-old man somehow managed to get rid of the shackles and return to his family.

Unfortunately, Jameela, aged 17, wasn’t able to escape and she remains missing.

Wilson Chowdry, the chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association said: “We will now begin the arduous task of helping them rebuild their lives in an atmosphere of safety.

However, the captured daughter Jameela may well never be found and her malicious kidnap is causing great anguish and despair.”

Local police reportedly refused to investigate the case and the family are deeply traumatised.

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