Max Lucado Devotional 9th August 2023: Give the Little Things

Max Lucado Devotional 9th August 2023
Max Lucado Devotional 9th August 2023 Inspirational Message for Wednesday

TOPIC: Give the Little Things

MESSAGE: I don’t know his name or what he looks like; I only know what he gave. He gave a donkey to Jesus, for Jesus to use on the Sunday Jesus entered Jerusalem.

It’s an interesting little bit of history in Matthew 21:3 – the story of the man who gave the donkey to Jesus. Did he have any idea that his generosity would be used for such a noble purpose? Did it occur to him God was going to ride that donkey?

You know, all of us have a donkey. Something, if given to God, could move Jesus and his story further down the road. Maybe you sing or program a computer or speak Swahili or write a check. Whichever – that’s your donkey. Do you give it? The guy who gave Jesus the donkey is just one in a long line of folks who gave little things to a big God.

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