MFM Daily Devotional 4th May 2023 – Joy: A Spiritual Energy (1)

Mountain Top Life Devotional By Dr. D.K Olukoya - May 4, 2023

MFM Daily Devotional 4th May 2023
MFM Daily Devotional 4th May 2023, Thursday

MFM Daily Devotional 4th May 2023, Thursday Mountain Top Life Devotional Message by Dr. D.K Olukoya

TOPIC: Joy: A Spiritual Energy (1)

Bible In One Year:
1 Kings 16–18; Luke 22:47–71

Memory Verse:
Nehemiah 8:10 – Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Motivational Quotes:
The joy of the Lord is our kingdom right. When you take away the joy of a Christian, you have cut off his strength.

Prophetic Word for today:
Any power assigned to steal your joy shall die, in the Name of Jesus.

Fire Scripture:
Psalm 126

1 It will be like a dream
when the Lord comes back with the captives of Zion.
2 We will laugh and sing happy songs!
Then the other nations will say,
“The Lord did a great thing for Zion!”
3 Yes, we will be happy
because the Lord did a great thing for us.
4 So, Lord, bring back the good times,
like a desert stream filled again with flowing water.
5 Then those who were sad when they planted
will be happy when they gather the harvest!
6 Those who cried as they carried the seeds
will be happy when they bring in the crops!


Joy is an inner state of rest and contentment. It is a realm that you enter to acquire your harvest according to verses five and six of today’s Fire Scripture. It affects every area of your life – physical, social, emotional, economic, and spiritual. Interestingly, joy is a choice! You can decide to choose joy or not. But joy is a choice that pays you above all.

Joy is not just a word but an experience. If you have it, you must live it. You cannot keep it dormant. It must express itself and, in turn, become a spiritual and emotional investment in others around you, directly or indirectly. It is contagious!

This kind of joy is not a mere emotional display, but a state of mind that is reflected in every other area of a true believer’s life. It doesn’t depend on what can be seen or felt. It is a divine virtue that can only be possessed by those who are divinely connected to the Source, the One who is True Joy Himself, the Lord God Almighty.

Joy is, therefore, a spiritual force. A power within that cannot be tampered with by any power except with the permission of the individual. This is the God kind of Joy! It oozes out of the Agape God’s kind of love. It is an embodiment of Christ, His Personality, His Nature and His Character. No wonder the angel that announced His birth said that heaven has brought good tidings of great joy to all people: the joy of salvation to the oppressed and the forsaken, the downtrodden and the downcast. At His manifestation, there is an undeniable turnaround that gives room to a joyous mood. This joy swallows every contrary situation and circumstance. May you experience this kind of joy, in the Name of Jesus.

Imagine the power that can be generated from this kind of joy. It keeps a Christian bubbling in the face of adversities. But if this joy is withheld, stolen or withdrawn, the reverse occurs. The strength of this child of God becomes small and he might start to faint (Proverbs 24:10). At such moment, the enemy finds it easy to penetrate and prosper.

I decree that the joy of the enemy over your life shall be turned to sorrow, in the Name of Jesus.

1. Powers seeking to drain my strength, fall down and die, in the Name of Jesus.
2. Agenda of joy robbers over my life, be terminated, in the Name of Jesus.
3. O God, arise and give me joy that cannot be turned to sorrow, in the Name of Jesus.

4. Joy that can withstand adversity, come upon me now by fire, in the Name of Jesus.
5. Arrows of the wicked assigned to turn my joy to sorrow, backfire, in the Name of Jesus.
6. Father, give me reasons to be joyful all the days of my life, in the Name of Jesus.
7. Whether the devil likes it or not, I shall sing a new song and rejoice, in the Name of Jesus.

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