Morning and Evening Prayer for Today – 14th April 2023

Morning and Evening Prayer for Today – 14th April 2023
Morning and Evening Prayer for Today – 14th April 2023, Friday Daily Prayer


SCRIPTURE FOR TODAY: The LORD is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayer of the righteous.
— Proverbs 15:29 (BSB)

QUOTE: Prayer is more than a plea, it is a place where we must spend time if we are to learn its power. — Billy Graham

PRAYER: O God, our Father, we thank You for this bright morning. We would catch something of the gladness which everywhere abounds. All Your works praise You. We also would praise You, not simply with our lips — but also with our hearts. We desire to make our lives songs which shall be music to those among whom we move. We desire to live victoriously in our cares and trials, not yielding to them — but keeping Your praise in our hearts even in the deepest darkness and the sorest trial. May You therefore breathe your Spirit into our souls this morning, that we may go out and live cheerfully all the day. Let us not be discouraged by the things that will seem hard. Let us not lose the joy out of our hearts, nor the brightness out of our faces, if we have troubles to meet.

We thank You that You have promised to give Yourself to us according to our needs. We know that while You are always with us, You do come nearer to us when we are in trouble; that while Your strength is always given to us, more of Your strength is given when we are in weakness. May You come to us today according to our needs.

Sometimes we get discouraged and fretful. Keep us today from these depressing moods. Help us to live among our neighbors so that they will say of us that we have God to help us. Keep us from worry and anxiety. Teach us how to cast all our cares upon Jesus, who cares for us. May we trust You so perfectly that whatever may come into our life, we shall be happy and strong in You.

We pray for all of our household. Prepare us for all the duties, tasks, and cares of the day. Let no accident befall any of us, and bring us together again in the evening. We ask these favors, with the forgiveness of our sins, in the Savior’s precious name. Amen.

Morning and Evening Prayer for Today – 14th April 2023


SCRIPTURE: So then, this is how you should pray: ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.
— Matthew 6:9 (BSB)

QUOTE: The biggest thing God ever did for me was to teach me to pray in the Spirit. — Samuel Chadwick

PRAYER: Our Father, bless us, Your children, as we bow before You now, at the close of the day. We have not lived as well as we meant to do, when we set out in the morning. We thought we would mount up on wings — but we have only dragged ourselves along on the earth. We thought we would not forget You for a moment — but somehow we have let You out of our thoughts very often. Our day that began so brightly, with good resolutions and honest purposes, has been only a marred, stained day. Father, forgive us — and then teach us lessons of wisdom from the mistakes and sins of today, so that we may make tomorrow a holier day. Help us to learn from our own errors, so that we may never repeat them.

We bring You our day’s work. It does not seem much. We have tried to do our duty, each of us in our different places — in our business and work outside, in our household task-work, in school, in play. We have tried to be patient and kind, the one to the other, within our own home. We have tried to be good neighbors to those about us. Wherein we have failed in any of these duties — we ask You to forgive us, and give us grace to do better.

Bless us now at the end of this day. As we pass to our rest for the night, may You receive us into Your care. If death should come to any of us before the morning, receive us home to our Father’s house. If we live until the dawn of a new day, prepare us for its duties.

We would not forget tonight, those who have not the shelter of home-love as we have. Remember the sick and those who are watching through the darkness beside the sick. Comfort all who are sitting in sorrow, and make them strong to accept God’s will.

Grant us these mercies and favors, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

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