MYSTERIOUS! Eight-year-old girl rushed to hospital after spider 'embedded in her LEG' bursts out(Photos)


An eight-year-old girl was horrified after a spider embedded itself in her leg and suddenly burst out, her family said.

Scarlett Hinchcliffe suddenly became very ill with flu-like symptoms on May 11 after being bitten while walking in the woods.

Orange and yellow poison oozed out of a small hole in Scarlett’s leg after the skin covering it burst – before a spider appeared to creep out of the hole and crawled off, Lincolnshire Live reports.

The eight-legged creature was immediately thrown in the bin.

Her mother Jodi, from Sleaford, Lincolnshire, thinks the creature may have embedded in her daughter’s leg while she was playing on a tyre swing in a woodland area on the Greylees estate while they were walking the dog.

Her family could initially not pin-point what was wrong with Scarlett, who had a temperature of between 38 and 39C.

And they had to endure hours of travelling, delays and waiting at NHS services while they tried to work out what was wrong.

Jodi took Scarlett to Pilgrim Hospital A&E and after a five-hour wait was diagnosed with an insect or spider bite, given antibiotics and sent home.

The next day, Friday, Scarlett, who was still very unwell, stayed with her nan while her mum went to work – and shortly afterwards they were left with a nasty shock.

While at her nan’s house Scarlett had a bath, and was left horrified when she felt something “crawl out of her leg.”

Her nan looked in the bath and was horrified to see a small brown spider.

Jodi said: “I first noticed the lump behind the knee on Scarlett’s right leg when I put her in the bath on Thursday night. She became so poorly so fast and her breathing was unstable.

“I tried to take her to the walk-in at Sleaford Medical Centre but they said they could not see her. I called 111 who told me to take Scarlett to hospital and said she needed to be seen within an hour.

“Grantham Hospital A&E, which is a 10-minute drive, was closed so I had to drive to Boston. Doctors said if there was no improvement by Sunday then to bring her back.

“On Sunday we couldn’t get seen due to the cyber-attack so I took her to my GP on Monday. They said it wasn’t a tick as its head would be buried. The hospital didn’t even know there was anything inside.”

“She didn’t feel anything bite her. What should have been a lovely evening dog walk Wednesday has turned into a nightmare.”

She added: “I am pleased Scarlett was with my mum as I think I would have passed out when I saw it. She told me she felt something crawl out of her leg and thinks it is quite cool despite being so poorly.

“She was so ill. If I had no taken her to the hospital that night and left her I am not sure if she would have still been here on Friday.

“They said if it had been a tick only it’s head would be buried. The hospital didn’t even know there was anything inside.”

Now her mother wants to urge other parents and anyone who becomes ill suddenly with flu-like symptoms to check themselves over.

“I am still in shock, you just don’t expect to see this sort thing happen,” she said.

Scarlett is still unwell and is on antibiotics to clear the infection left behind. She is also being monitored by her mum and is expected to make a full recovery.

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