Niger Delta people attacks President Buhari over Jonathan’s persecution


President, IYC yesterday in Yenagoa appeal to President Buhari to
accord the deserved respect to Goodluck Jonathan and family the same way
he respects other former Presidents.

said, “We want to ask Buhari to please focus on governance and stop
vilifying the former first family. The economy has gone so bad because
of the attitude of the EFCC when it concerns the Niger Delta people.

appeal is that Buhari should please respect Jonathan just as he
respects the other former presidents. They have frozen his accounts,
they are not paying his allowances, even the security agents around him
do not get what is due them. We have yet to know why Buhari is
victimising Jonathan and his family members.

“When you
talk about the aggression towards Dame Patience Jonathan, she is not the
first First Lady. She is wife to former deputy governor, governor,
Vice-President and President. Are you expecting her to be a poor woman?

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