4 Signs that your boyfriend find you very ugly



boyfriend thinks you are ugly

People often say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your boyfriend is one of the top people on your list who will get to know your outer and inner beauty very well.

If he falls in love with your inner beauty, he will stay with you in the long run. If he falls in love with your outer beauty, he will just be with you for your looks.

Truth is, you should be with someone who finds you beautiful both inward and outward because this will boost your confidence and make you more secure.

Here are four signs that you will recognize if you feel your boyfriend doesn’t find you very beautiful:

1. He encourages make-up.

                                 boyfriend (5)
He is your number one fan when you apply make-up. He will give you endless comments and make you feel like a princess. Once you take off the make-up however, he does not look at you when he talks and keeps asking when next you will put on a full face of make-up.

2. He doesn’t come to your defense when people tease you.  

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Friends will tease themselves and always make fun of each other; guys do it the most. If one of his friends teases you about being ugly and he either says nothing to defend you or joins in the laugh, it may be because he believes it is true.

Normally, he should defend you or tell you to ignore he comments because you are beautiful.

3. He doesn’t like your face showing in pictures.

                                   boyfriend (4)
If he is someone who likes to take pictures of himself but when it comes to the both of you, he gives an excuse or says you have no flattering angle, it may be because you are not fine to him.

Your boyfriend should be able to showcase you and proudly show you off but if he will only show your hand or leg, that should tell you something is wrong.

4. He always teases you about being ugly

                                  boyfriend (2)
It’s okay for your boyfriend to poke fun at you but if he teases you more than he compliments you, this is a problem. And if the teases are always specific (eg. your big nose, your fat cheeks) rather than general (for eg idiot, fool), then he may be sending you a message.


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