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Photos leaked to US press reveal horror of Manchester bombing


MANCHESTER ATTACK UPDATE – Photos have been leaked from the scene of the Manchester terror attack showing remnants of the bomb detonated by Salman Abedi.

Abedi detonated a devastating explosive near the entrance to Manchester Arena on Monday night, just as thousands of Ariana Grande fans were leaving her concert.

At least 22 people died – including an eight-year-old girl, Saffie Rose Soussos. A number of those killed and injured were children.

According to the disturbing photos, Abedi appeared to have carried a power IED, concealed either within a black vest, or a blue Karrimor rucksack – fragments of which were seen lying on the floor.

The photos were published in the New York Times just hours after the Government issued a warning to US officials not to leak details of the terror investigation.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd is likely to be furious, after she said on Wednesday that she was ‘irritated’ that the bomber’s name was leaked by US authorities to American media.

Photos leaked to US press reveal horror of Manchester bombing

She added that she had made it ‘very clear’ to her American counterparts that no further leaks should happen.

The Home Office has declined to comment on the most recent leak, but pointed to Rudd’s earlier comments, indicating that her stance has not changed.

Police and security agencies investigating Monday night’s horrific attack believe it is crucial to the success of their operation that they are able to control the release of information.

Abedi’s name was circulating in the US media for hours before it was confirmed by British police on Tuesday, who had urged reporters not to publish speculation about the bomber’s identity.

Photos leaked to US press reveal horror of Manchester bombing

The NYT described the pictures as ‘law enforcement images’, but did not specify how they had been obtained.

Bomb disposal technicians analysed the explosive for the NYT, speculating about how it had been built and detonated.

However, they told the paper that they couldn’t make a more detailed analysis of the bomb without more information.

The chilling images come as police across the UK and Libya continue to make arrests in connection with Monday night’s horrific attack.

So far there have been seven arrests – two in Tripoli, of Abedi’s father and brother, and five in the UK.


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