Prayer for Today Sunday November 5, 2023

Prayer for Today Sunday November 5, 2023
Prayer for Today Sunday November 5, 2023

Prayer for Today Sunday November 5, 2023 with Bible Verse And Quote

Read Prayer for Today Sunday November 5, 2023, Morning And Evening Prayers with Daily Bible Verse And Quote


BIBLE VERSE:  Pray in the Spirit at all times, with every kind of prayer and petition. To this end, stay alert with all perseverance in your prayers for all the saints. — Ephesians 6:18 (BSB)

QUOTE: Notice, we never pray for folks we gossip about, and we never gossip about the folk for whom we pray! For prayer is a great deterrent. — Leonard Ravenhill

PRAYER: O God, our Father, as we begin this Sunday, we look up to You for a blessing. As the earth opens its eyes on the sun, whose beams pour down in brightness upon field and forest — so do we open our eyes upon You this morning. May the gracious beams of Your love stream upon us. Then our hearts shall rejoice. If we have Your favor, we shall indeed live.

Fill us with Your Spirit, and may all our thoughts, feelings, and desires be sweetened. Sanctify to us all the privileges we shall enjoy today. May our rest be unbroken by any worldly incident which might mar its quietness. As we wait upon You, may we renew our strength. May Your word to which we shall listen, be richly blessed to us. May its teachings be made plain, and may we receive them into the soil of good and honest hearts, in which they may bring forth fruit.

Let a blessing be upon all those who today will minister in the churches, conducting the worship and preaching to the people. May they be in the Spirit, and may their words be filled with the Spirit. Make them holy men, having clean hands and pure hearts. Give them the right motives, as they minister in Your name.

Let a blessing be upon all the congregation that shall assemble today for worship. May all hearts be open to the influences of the Holy Spirit. Enter every open heart, and by Your loving persuasion, win the way into the hearts that thus far have been closed to You. So may Your kingdom come, and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We ask for Jesus’ sake. Amen.


BIBLE VERSE:  Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.
— Jeremiah 29:12 (BSB)

QUOTE: The secret of praying is praying in secret.
— Leonard Ravenhill

PRAYER: O Jesus, our Lord and Master, we come to You at the quiet eventide. We remember how, when Your disciples were assembled together after the resurrection, the doors being shut, You appeared in their midst. You looked upon them in love and spoke the word of holy salutation, “Peace be unto you.” Then You showed them Your hands bearing the nail-prints, and Your side with the spear-wound in it. Then You breathed on them and said unto them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”

Again it is holy evening, O Jesus, and we are here, Your disciples, bowing at Your feet. Our lives are empty, needing a new filling of love from Your heart. Come into our midst and speak to us Your blessing of peace. Our minds are distracted by the things of this world. We are afraid of life’s vicissitudes, its disappointments, its burdens, its losses. We need Your sweet peace. You who spoke to the winds and the waves, saying, “Peace, be still” — speak to our hearts tonight and command peace in them.

As you showed Your hands and side to Your disciples, thus proving to them that You were indeed risen from the dead — show us Your hands and side tonight. As we look at these wounds may we remember that You indeed died on the cross for our redemption. We remember also that You are risen from the dead, and are alive to be our Savior and Friend, our Intercessor in Heaven.

As You breathed upon Your disciples and gave them the Holy Spirit — may You also breathe upon us as we bow at Your feet. We ask all in Your name. Amen.

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