President Buhari and his predecessors are colonial masters – Tunde Bakare

Tunde Bakare, Senior Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly (LRA) has said that President Buhari and his predecessors, are colonial masters who ruled Nigeria without accountability.

He said this on Sunday while speaking to members of his church where he was quoted to have said, ‘stop complaining about their countries, because many many Africans abroad today bought their own tickets into slavery. You couldn’t fix your own country, you are looking for where they have fixed’.

He continued to say, ‘you are ready to lie, to declare refugee status just to hold a common passport where you are still treated like a common criminal. Slavery is God’s punishments for idolatry, for envy, that’s all. Joseph went through slavery, Israel went through slavery for 400 years, your own did not last 100 years you are still complaining colonial masters, colonial masters, where are they? Obasanjo ruled this country for eight years, no electricity, they spent money, who is asking him to account for the money he invested, where did he put it? We have no candle from that investment. He is a colonial master, Jonathan is a colonial master, Muhammadu Buhari is a colonial master.”

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