President Buhari to begin Investigation over Jonathan and Wife’s Link With Niger Delta Avengers

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– Emerging story surrounding Former President link with Militants

August 7, Jonathan denied having any links with NDA, restating his
commitment to the nation’s unity. Despite his denial, ex-President
Goodluck Jonathan has been allegedly fingered in the formation and
activities of the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA). These are the basic points
of intelligence report, already made available to the Presidency but
which is still being studied in other to begin investigations on the
former president and his wife.

A break away group from the
notorious militant group known as the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers had
last week released a statement indicting the former President and other
prominent Nigerians like Raymond Dokpesi, Peter Odili, Nyesom Wike,
Olisa Metuh and others as sponsors of the militant group. They have all
since denied the allegation.

According to Premium Times,
a source within the Presidency said preliminary investigations
indicated that some of the oil installations that were attacked in the
Niger Delta had actually been mined while President Jonathan was in
power, just before the 2015 election, by some of the militants and
operatives known to be very close to him.

Speaking, the anonymous government official said

mining was meant to be a “Plan B should they be removed from Aso Rock.
The plan then was to cause confusion if the 2015 presidential election
did not go as expected, in favour of the then incumbent. However, when
the former president surprisingly conceded the election to President
Muhammadu Buhari, according to the source, there was both disappointment
and confusion in the camp of those who had designed the plan, causing a
suspension of the whole agenda. But by February this year, it was
learnt, the plan was reopened as several of the backers were getting
investigated on different corruption cases.

Mr. Jonathan himself was
concerned that himself and his wife could be prosecuted, including on
money-laundering charges where investigators said evidence against the
wife has already been amassed. It was at that point that the bombing
activities under the banner of the Niger Delta Avengers started. Even
the former President himself had been reported while on a foreign trip
as saying he knew he was under probe. This was after the plan to start
the bombing had become fully operational according to intelligence

“After the Plan B was restored, the ‘militant operatives’ who
mined the oil and gas installations only had to arrange for how they
would be detonated at a distance at the wish and timing of the NDA,
their backers and sponsors said to include the former president, his
wife, Government Tompolo, Mr. Kinglsey Kuku and Olisa Metuh among

While Answering some questions the source added that;
mining was done by some of the militants that the previous government
had trained under the amnesty programme, and those who acquired the
needed expertise, besides their knowledge of the Niger Delta creeks and

Experts working with the federal government are now said to be
working to determine how to discover if there are still many more oil
and gas installations that have been mined and explore the best means of
demining them.”

The source added that the attacks on the pipelines in
the Niger Delta started so that the Buhari-led administration will seek a
political solution to the anti-corruption war and private
investigations of the Former President, his wife and other political

“The game plan of Mr. Jonathan and his associates backing the
NDA was to cause enough economic damage in order to force the Buhari
administration to pursue a political solution to the corruption cases on
which investigations were already advancing against them. This is to
avoid prosecution and the attendant unprecedented shame of having a
former president go to jail”.

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