Rebekah Vardy shows off 'mum tum' as she tells vile trolls

England Superstar’s wife Jamie Vardy looks elated, stunning, beautiful and relaxed after speaking out about the sick abuse she underwent from trolls online

Rebekah Vardy has proudly showed off her ‘mum tum’ in a gorgeous post-pregnancy photo shoot after revealing about the sick abuse she has suffered online.

England-superstars-wife-Rebekah-Vardy-Post-Pregnancy-Photoshoot (5).jpg

England Superstar Jamie Vardy – who is now a mum four – has spoken out about the pressures put on women to have “washboard stomachs” just weeks after having their children.

Twitter trolls had branded her ‘huge’, posting abusive comments after she gave birth.

England-superstars-wife-Rebekah-Vardy-Post-Pregnancy-Photoshoot (5).jpg

But appearing in nothing but a grey and white Calvin Klein ensemble, Rebekah looks elated and confident as she plays with the new addition to the family – little Finley.

“After having a baby your hormones are raging, the last thing you want to feel is pressurised and upset,” she told The Sun.

“I have a wobbly tummy, bigger legs, wrinkled skin and stretch marks, just like any woman does when she’s had a baby.”

England-superstars-wife-Rebekah-Vardy-Post-Pregnancy-Photoshoot (2).jpg

England-superstars-wife-Rebekah-Vardy-Post-Pregnancy-Photoshoot (1).jpg

England-superstars-wife-Rebekah-Vardy-Post-Pregnancy-Photoshoot (loose mum).jpg

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