Scripture Union Daily Guide 16th August 2023 – Evil Success Does Not Pay

Scripture Union Daily Guide 16th August 2023
Scripture Union Daily Guide 16th August 2023

Read Scripture Union Daily Guide 16th August 2023 Devotional, Wednesday SU Daily Guide Reading

TOPIC: Evil Success Does Not Pay

OPENING PRAYER: Lord, let the light of your word shine into my life as I meditate on your word.

SCRIPTURE: Psalms 49:11-20

• Q 5: Is there any warning for me to heed?
• Q 8: Is there any other Biblical passage that can help me understand this passage better?

Scripture Union Daily Guide 16th August 2023 MESSAGE:

Many times, the righteous wonders why the wicked seems to prosper (cf. Psalm 73:4-7), and some people get to the point of envying them or even regretting their upright living. David made similar mistakes in Psalm 73:13-15. However, our reading today makes it clear that no matter how successful the wicked may be, in the end, it does not pay.

What are some of the consequences of evil success? They will shortly end in the grave in spite of naming large estates after themselves (vs.11-12). At the end, the godly will rule over them while their bodies rot away, far from their estates (v.14). On the contrary, God will surely redeem the life of the righteous and deliver them from the power of the grave (v.15, 1 Corinthians 15:55, KJV). Notice the resultant advice in v.16. See Psalm 73:3. What is the reason (vs.17-20)? Also, read Psalm 73:18, 27.

Practice/Word Application
And so: Do not envy the wicked when they appear successful?

• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Closing Prayer
Father, help me to shun evil and embrace good success.

Offer a prayer of faith in line with Hebrews 13:6

One Year Bible Reading Plan
Jeremiah 19‐21.

NATIONAL PRAYER BULLETIN – Wednesday, 16-Aug-2023


“I have filled him with the spirit of God in wisdom, in understanding and in knowledge and in all craftsmanship.” Exodus 31:3

►New hands that have just come on board, for accepting to give their lives for this assignment.
►The workshops they have undergone.

►That more than the training, their ears will be unstopped to hear what the Lord will say.
►That they will receive understanding to interpret the Scriptures correctly.
►For requisite skill for writing.
►For divine strength for them as they will want to meet deadlines

►Every operation of the spirit of error.

Scripture Union Daily Guide 16th August 2023. Scripture Union is an international, interdenominational, evangelical Christian organization. It was founded in 1867, and works in partnership with individuals and churches across the world. The organization’s stated aim is to use the Bible to inspire children, young people and adults to know God.

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