See What Zee World Has Done To Husband And Wife in Yenagoa

by admin

Zee World TV series is becoming something else. Just like years ago when Second Chance was televised on AIT, many Nigeria homes embraced it especially the female folks.

This TV series then bridged gap between husband and wife. Some of the families got separated and some quarrel a very long time.

This time it is Zee World series, starting from King of Heart, Twist of Fate, and the rest of them.

Just weeks back in Yenagoa, Man beat his wife for watching Zee World abandoning her food on fire to burn.
From close source, the man name withheld had warned his wife not to be distracted by Zee world but seem as if the warning did not go down well with her.

On that fateful day, the woman was cooking in the kitchen and left it on to watch King of Heart forgetting she is cooking. Unfortunately for her, the husband stepped it and caught her watching TV while her pot already burnt. The man has no option than to bounce her. This fight resulted to injuries.

My advice is that women should not be carried away by ordinary scripted drama.

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