‘Settle your feud, we are not boys anymore’ — Faze tells 2baba, Blackface

by Chidi

Faze, member of defunct singing group Plantashun Boiz, has advised 2baba and Blackface, his former band mates, to resolve their feud.

The Kolomental singer made the appeal in an interview with HIP TV.

Since the group parted ways in 2004, Blackface has levelled various accusations against 2baba.

The latest was that the ‘African Queen’ singer sabotaged his efforts in the music industry.

“We are not boys anymore. Not Plantashun Boiz, we are Plantashun men,” Faze said.

“What I think is that 2face has played his part by keeping quiet about the situation, he’s not talking about it a lot and Blackface, I think he’s really bitterly hurt, but there are some things you don’t have to take to the media.

“I speak to him on the phone, we argue about that all the time. I think he should cool down. And then on my other side, I feel that 2face should take up his phone one day and say ‘Hey Black, how far, make we see now. Make we try iron this out‘.

“I don’t know what is actually going on. I have actually done my best to make things work out.”

Faze also revealed that the trio had recorded a song together even after a rift between Blackface and 2baba.

He said: “We actually met and did a song together. This is a secret nobody knows about. This was after the incident of that let somebody love you song. We recorded together and it was lovely and something we wanted to actually put out. Next two days, I’m seeing 2face saying Blackface has written something online. I said; what again? after the recording?

“Both of them know what’s going on. That’s what I just believe in. What I just want them to do is find time to see each other. When they don’t decide to sit down  together, I know that there’s something wrong.”

Faze said he has encouraged Blackface to stop going online to rant, noting that “he’s tarnishing his own name”.

“He should relax and focus on his music and let the thing go,” he said.

The first major rift between Blackface and 2baba was over ownership rights to ‘African Queen’.

2baba recently asked Blackface to apologise for the claims made against him or get sued.

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