suicide cases
Erdogan Ceren, aged 22, broadcasted his own shooting live on Facebook after his girfriend had broken up with him.

The distressed man without a shirt is seen sitting in his bedroom and speaking to a webcamera.

Erdogan was urged not to do it as people watched in horror

He explains he wants to commit suicide while pointing a shotgun at his chest.

And even though viewers on the social network tried to persuade him to change his mind and not to shoot himself Erdogan pulled the trigger.

“No one believed when I said I will kill myself – so watch this,” he says before ending his life.

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His first attempt fails and then a loud noise believed to be a gunshot can be heard, and the four-minute video goes black.

It has since been viewed more that 543,000 times and counting, with people still discussing what happened.

According to Turkish media, his family heard the shooting and discovered his body,  he later died in hospital.

Local police have launched an investigation into the death, which took place in Duzici, a town and district in Osmaniye province.

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